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  1. That’s assuming he still wants to be captain of course and how it’s managed
  2. We just seem to have lost the ‘that’s motor racing’ attitude, maybe the way it’s gone is reflecting society in general but had it been Senna and Mansell coming together at Copse on Sunday you wouldn’t have had a Ron Dennis or Frank Williams demanding a penalty or race suspension they’d have left it to the drivers to sort out Scary thing is despite being in my 40’s I’m sounding like a grumpy old man saying ‘back in my day’
  3. We need fewer penalties rather than more, we didn’t see these in the Senna Prost era for example apart from the politically motivated one at Suzuka in 1989 which gifted Prost the title and that incident played a part in what happened at the same circuit 12 months later, neither did we see them in the Schumacher Hill era which had controversial collisions such as Adelaide 1994 and silverstone 1995 Remember Senna’s famous quote, if you no longer go for a gap you’re no longer a racing driver Penalties should be serious transgressions rather than for hard racing which we’ve seen in the last two races. And for the rest let the drivers sort it out for themselves rather than doing the f1 equivalent of surrounding the referee. It’s in danger of making the racing as fake as drs is The collision Sunday has been coming for a while, Lewis having previously looked at the bigger picture and backed out couldn’t keep doing that and maybe Max will also learn from what happened although for that to happen Red Bulls management need to take off their rose tinted glasses where their driver is concerned which is unlikely given they were exactly the same when Sebastian was their driver who incidentally has grown as a person since leaving Red Bull even if his performances haven’t always matched
  4. It’s been designed with Max in mind which is why both Gasly and Albon struggled so much Anyway Karun Chandhok described the crash best, both drivers could’ve done more to avoid contact but neither did so was a racing incident but as one side obviously came off a lot worse maybe the penalty was fair. Meanwhile Christian Horner is the Arsene Wenger of F1, doesn’t see it when his driver does anything but screams for a penalty when its anyone else
  5. For me the problem has always been the hype the media generate during a tournament followed by hangers on like the prime minister last night that’s more of an issue than brexit. Then when it comes to an end there’s a big crash and things like domestic violence are known to go up when England have crashed out of tournaments Hopefully the cycle can be broken by winning on Sunday otherwise there’ll be a bigger crash than usual and then when other tournaments come round it can be less of a hyped frenzy and you don’t have to hear it’s coming home everywhere you go
  6. What happened between 1997 and 2004/5?
  7. I happened to cycle past a pub yesterday where people were signing this loudly and it just sounded so cringey, why can’t England fans sing something that’s positive like the welsh and scots fans seem to manage to
  8. Genuine chance of an upset though..
  9. It would be like England v Scotland the other night, if they got any sort of result we’d never hear the end of it and if we won it would be lots of you were the favourites anyway so it’s a moral victory I’d take gillingham away over that
  10. I don’t mean to sound patronising but England tend to struggle against teams who raise their game because they’re playing England. Last night was Scotland’s cup final you only have to see the way they’re celebrating drawing 0-0 Had it been France or Germany last night they’d have played with a lot more intensity, it could be arrogance that they expect to beat Scotland easily As a side note it’s interesting how covid restrictions seem to have disappeared in London last couple of days and how the person who slated Rangers fans for celebrating winning the title has remained silent
  11. And this is the reason Scotland hasn’t qualified for a tournament for 23 years, fixated on England and success is based on whether they can beat England rather than having any success of their own, it’s a very Bristol Rovers syndrome they’ve got going on Needless to say if they win tonight we’ll never hear the end of it and if England win it’s because they were the favourites
  12. This series dropped on Amazon prime yesterday and covers the season Crystal Palace went from staying up on the final day to winning the play off final the next season. We feature in episode one where we beat palace 4-1 at home and then sold them Yannick Bolassie Two things struck me watching it, firstly why it’s always clubs like palace who seem to be successful at this level when they aren’t any better run than the likes of us or Derby for example, and secondly their recruitment that summer their first priority seemed to be recruiting leaders and suddenly things like offering a contract to Danny Simpson makes more sense and we may see a couple more signings like that One word of warning, those allergic to Holloway might want to avoid it from episode 3 onwards
  13. That article actually contradicts itself, firstly saying five spots then further down four with one dropping into the europa league. Although obviously it’s irrelevant and was just making the point at least Leicester didn’t have it taken away after thinking they had it
  14. No it’s only 4 from each country so Leicester had they finished 4th would’ve been bumped to the europa league
  15. Leicester probably don’t feel as bad for missing out on top 4 now as they’d have been bumped out by Chelsea anyway
  16. If Blackpool win tomorrow we’ll drop to 6th Pearson out
  17. Sadly that mouthy Swansea fan who filmed himself having a meltdown when Kasey Palmer scored from a corner has tweeted that he’s at Wembley so no recording of another entertaining meltdown
  18. I’d also like to see Brentford go up, Swansea were nowhere until they got gifted a new stadium and should be in the welsh league anyway
  19. Spurs new away and third kits have been leaked, I’m half wondering if Jon Lansdown was busy designing kits rather than being in Bermuda
  20. Wimbledon at home in the cup January 1992 with Warren Barton equalising for us in the last minute
  21. Although English clubs were banned after Heysel so would be considered tactless to do that as a April fools
  22. The cars have outgrown the track the problem is the whole prestige of Monaco means we’re probably stuck with it
  23. I thought that until i saw Peru’s away kit which is basically the opposite with a red shirt and white sash
  24. One like the Peru home shirt would be nice, white with a red sash which looks pretty smart
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