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  1. Would prefer us to invest in Ivan Toney from Peterborough. Impressive last couple of seasons with us being able to offer szmodics part/x for a couple of million off also.
  2. Thought we bossed it first 40 mins. Comfertable. Stupid mistakes again. Kalas was poor. Got opened up easily in the 2nd half too many times. BUT to turn on the manger/coach (I don't love him) at this point in time is suicidal and crazy. He'll never win playing FD up front on his own I agree... But the sniping and backstabbing isn't going to help our campaign here.....
  3. Get a grip you melts.... We lost today, Blackburn were superior in the 2nd half!! Everyone losing their shit on here is quite embarrassing, we ain't gonna win every game.... Judge the bloke at the end of the season yeah, gobshites
  4. Clown. Are you thick?
  5. This post match interview made me change my mind on Warnock from 2016. He starts off as the usual grumpy old git we know very well, but end's up gushing about City, the ground and the chairman. You can tell he used to love the banter with our fans! Apparently his daughter went to Bristol Uni so he probably used to visit the City quite frequently.
  6. This post sums up the fickle numpties that frequent this board..... Simple solution for you..... Go and support Liverpool...... But you probably do already
  7. And a perfect example of what type of folk the gentrication of Southville has attracted to the area...... No doubt they all resent the ground being in the area even though it was there long before they were!
  8. He's always been decent, first touch can be poor, but pound for pound in this league, an absolute asset to have in the squad
  9. Such a crap stand that, take your shin pads boys!
  10. Football is dead. Onto the tennis lads.....
  11. Afobe in August was a late one M..... Hold tight for feedback!
  12. Get a grip man! It's a new day and a Saturday..... Supporting City isn't easy and never will be...... Get on the beers see the boys and hope we get the points, it's the best league in the world anything can happen
  13. Wont happen but I'd happily swap Brownhill for Nahki Wells.....he's on loan at QPR of course but Burnley do have a recall option on him...
  14. Calm down, calm down fellas, everythings in order...
  15. Darren Barnard, free kick and penalty spot wizard
  16. RIP Junior. Remember speaking to him once in Antix in town, was a nice guy.
  17. Ha! It's all if's and buts mate, City tried everything to get AW to stay, apparently a year's worth of free skin fades at the conservatory was on the cards at one point I respect your point though, but there's a while until the window closes yet, things are happening behind the scenes...... Bakes is more than capable for tomorrow, we ovsiouly didn't want Clarke for whatever reason, unless we get held to ransom can see 2 players in Mon/Tues
  18. Ajayi is a snip at 1.5 or as reported, If Webster would have gone earlier I'm sure we'd of had a look, was definitely on our list
  19. Nice to see the man like Bakinson getting a look in, did well for Newport last season by all accounts, could be a decent option at backup for Pack..... Didn't we pay quite a bit of dough for him from Luton??
  20. No one's interested... stop ruining a decent thread with your utter drivel you clown
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