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  1. Once or twice perhaps in local league football but never both together in pro football. I'd bet it's a pretty rare occurrence.
  2. It didn't take much either - an experienced manager with good pedigree. And a few goals. (all early days admittedly). This is an excellent forum, and I think we're an excellent fanbase. Believe we now have an excellent manager - IF the stars are aligning as they sometimes do should be an exciting & enjoyable ride.
  3. Some decades ago now, and was only a rumour (apparently from Ward during a conversation in a pub) that City paid well over the odds with an extra zero somehow on his fee. It sounded so ridiculous I always wondered if there was any truth in it!
  4. Richie Benaud, Tony Greig & Stephen Fry. Hoping cricket might come up at some point.
  5. That's what the chap I mentioned must have done too. Always good to research etc. Helps reduce anxiety, stress and put you in the best frame of mind for any upheaval. Plus you'll have a couple of ashtrays or dishes to put screws, paper clips in
  6. Bloke who I play cricket with (late 50s) had both done a year apart roughly. 3 months to recover each knee if I remember and he's been back playing for a while with no probs. Hope it goes as well for you
  7. That's why I'd hold back on any judgement right now. With senior internationals such as TK clearly being adversely affected it must be a difficult environment for younger players, at crucial points in their careers. Added to the numbers of other footballers that have arrived here in recent years and consistently under performed - I'm not convinced we've seen many players at near 100% for a while. If the club agree with LB we'll see with a lot more certainty either way.
  8. Unfortunately that's inevitably how you get treated as a customer, eventually anyway.
  9. What must it be like working at/for City right now? not just for the first team, but everyone involved. As if things aren't unpleasant /difficult enough right now. It certainly doesn't scream a healthy work environment.
  10. All the best Steve - watched you take Cheltenham from Southern league to the 3rd tier (while my beloved Trowbridge Town went the opposite way) they won a few quid for me too! So glad you arrived at Ashton Gate and hope you make a full and swift recovery (don't over do it!)
  11. Nbafc

    Radio 2

    Is this a good time to ask if anybody else finds Jeremy Vine as cringeworthy as I do? It was like listening to Alan Partridge. But in actual real life
  12. But surely that is just the common sense, best practice scenario? Appointing competent football people to run the football side within his remit, and only stepping in when something is wrong. It is his club after all, his money, his responsibility, his legacy. Perhaps he feels things are tickety boo at the moment, hence nothing. He'll be in a better position than any of us to judge! But surely fans seeking some sort of clarity/comment/action from him is wholly understandable? Unless I've misinterpreted?
  13. The title of this thread says it all really for me. Not just for City, but pro football in general. Perhaps we've become a club who, at present, are a good example of what happens when the business becomes more important than the football. And City have likely managed this conflict better than many, many clubs I suspect, well certainly in the long term. But it's not a high bar, and there's plenty of ways to cook an egg. And it's all a little bit of history repeating, the same mistakes on a predictable cycle. Its almost as if as a club, we're not interested in learning. To paraphrase Brian Tinnion circa October 2005 "I wanted a Director of Football, but the chairman didn't agree". I remember receiving a Spitting Image annual for Xmas, late 80s. There was a satirical cartoon, a Roy of the Ro*ers parody charting the future of Fulchester or Melchester or whoever. The final frame was a bunch of fans, in team colours with scarves and rattles watching & cheering as their football club's share price fluctuates. Stuck with me for over 30 years that. Guess I found it strangely prophetic. (ps: I am an idealistic, even a dinosaur! But unashamedly so.)
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