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  1. Put em both in, might keep a clean sheet then
  2. He'd be swapping one basket case of a club for another in my opinion
  3. If Semenyo suddenly starts banging them in then that may lead to a windfall.
  4. I'd forgotten about Stockport, ended up sat in the Gate watching that game on a big screen set up in the East End - they had Kevin Francis I think his name was, some bloody great big 12ft 5 striker.
  5. I remember scrabbling around on the floor for the ticket I lobbed away before the lights went out. I'm sure there was an announcement over the tannoy that you would or may need to produce it as evidence to get a ticket for the replay.
  6. Commentator said he's away at Africa Cup with Ghana as their number 1 keeper - fair play to him.
  7. Defo needs an actual run in A team - I just hope it's QPR's to be honest.
  8. I assume Andy King forgot to mention this episode of chicken rage in his apology
  9. He should have been yelling at Pring for the stupid foul leading to the penalty award rather than the ref who was never going to change his mind and was just gagging to get a card out. I think King was just venting the frustration we all felt in that exact moment. Live and learn, onwards and upwards
  10. Totally agree, ref was a real shocker, like to add though that I know he's a youngster, but I do wish Pring would play more with his head than heart at times, total brain fart putting that challenge in for the penalty and a few other wild slashes at the ball at times. Composure will come with more experience I'm sure. Overall though that performance was much improved I thought.
  11. First half of the 17/18 season, up to the Wolves defeat, I really thought we we're getting there then.
  12. Good end to end game but guttingly it shows me City are a million miles away from these kind of performances at the moment.
  13. Christ, I struggle to remember what happened last week let alone 19 years ago, fair play to you
  14. May be many pissed off at that point if it happened but I just don't see City fans abandoning the team after 20 minutes.
  15. Two down at home and leaving after 20 minutes, total tossers
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