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  1. I agree, defensively lacking but going forward and banging crosses in produced several assists, I'd have liked to keep him for another year until we'd sorted ourselves out with decent replacements.
  2. To me you'd only look to change the manager if you think another manager could get more out of this bunch of players. I just don't believe that person exists at the current time so you have to get behind Pearson and let him get on with his task. Be honest if we had held on to win last night a lot of this moaning wouldn't be happening, you can't blame Pearson for a player error in the last minute for chrisakes, in my opinion just take a look at Hughton at Forest and then be careful what you wish for.
  3. Should have asked him if he thought Johnson may still have a job if Ashton hadn't filled the squad with a ton of mediocre 'clubs in the bag' players.
  4. We played smart too, tactical time wasting has never been a strength of ours, I've always felt we've been too keen to get the ball back in play when we are winning late on in games, or when under pressure. Yesterday we took our time at deadball situations, without taking the mickey.
  5. Yep - up shite creek without a paddle.
  6. Probably the best City goal we've seen for years
  7. Maybe not so good from an England Team perspective. Once Rashford is fit I just can't see how the likes of Greenwood and possibly Sancho are going to get regular games. Probably affect Greenwood the most and I've always thought he could really come good for England as long as he keeps his United place.
  8. As I understand it if he was found guilty then the injured victims can sue him in the civil courts for damages. Hopefully his millions will then be taken away. Again IF he's guilty.
  9. You obviously don't play Fantasy Football.
  10. I'd take Riley and Neville combo right now.
  11. Dunno who started that thread, but I accept everybody is entitled to their own opinion - my opinion is booing your team after their first home match of a new season is totally shite.
  12. Yep can't argue with that for sure, Brentford was a shocker but Chelsea are the Champions League winners and have also just added a £97m player to the ranks, being honest I wonder how many 'real' Arsenal fans really believed they had any chance of a decent result today.
  13. What a bunch of tosser fans though, who the hell boos their team off 2 matches into a new season. Not an Arsenal fan myself, still think Arteta is out of his depth, but the youngsters are playing their hearts out and just can't see how they can call themselves fans by booing them off.
  14. We have the potential to be a giant, but in my opinion at the mo we are more like a sleeping 'taller than most but not massive' club
  15. At my age mate I may not live that long
  16. Yep 4 games, 1 goal scored, minus 6 goal average for a team that were Premiership last year. Can you even imagine what this forum would be like if that was us and we'd just lost at home to Huddersfield.
  17. I thought Sheffield would be right up there this year, especially with parachute payments etc etc. 4 games in and they only managed their first league goal in the 92nd minute today and then conceded a winner in the 94th. This at home to the mighty Huddersfield They spent £24m on Brewster last year and he hasn't scored a single league goal for them yet. That's a serious waste of money. Perhaps things aren't as bad as we think down the Gate
  18. Totally agree, the entertainment was really there, just need to convert the result now too. Still think we need a couple of players to complete this team and become a real force.
  19. I had us down to beat Blackpool and then 2 away draws, so we are only a point down on my expectations after 3 matches. Its gonna be a weird year in the Championship again
  20. They're the ones in blue and white
  21. They'll be using this game for a manual of how not to defend. Gotta hope they keep conceding more than we do.
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