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  1. Isn't there meant to be some fit and proper checks before allowing someone to control a professional football club? Surely with proper checks concerns would've been raised to prevent this situation?
  2. Yep, something else City can't get right
  3. My first football shirt was a hand me down Liverpool Hitachi shirt from the late 70s I think. the first football shirt my parents bought me was the 1982 (I think) Liverpool shirt with the pinstripes similar to this years shirt. Can't remember ever supporting Liverpool, was just happy to have a replica shirt
  4. WSMRobin

    Euro 96

    Probably the best tournament I've witnessed, not least because it was in England and the feel good factor everyone had. Watched the games in packed pubs with great atmosphere. Beating Scotland with that goal from gazza, and that celebration. Winning a penalty shoot out! I remember my mate asking me before the Holland game for my prediction, I said 4-0 (joking) couldn't believe it when we went 4-0 up. Didn't mind them getting the one back as it knocked Scotland out :). Great times.
  5. WSMRobin


    I wonder if they'd be saying the same thing if it were Bristol City and Brentford who were the top 2 of the Championship?
  6. Agree on the whole Dave. Although I feel that massengo got caught in possession quite often and let players run in behind him too easily. Maeenpaa was impressive and I thought odowda had his best game in ages. Overall the spirit and effort was much more than we've seen in recent home performances and we're going to need that from hereon in if we're going to have any chance of the play offs
  7. I think that players are getting opportunities later than previously due to the longevity of the modern day player. Players now are playing late into their 30s even into their 40s, due to modern day science and players more aware of how to look after themselves. In a results driven business, it's easier for a coach to pick a 'name' rather than trust in youth. Managers nowadays don't often get the opportunity to blood players into the first team. So the modern day trend is to loan them out and hope they get get the experience and prove themselves capable to step up to the next level. Look at foden, guatdiola says he's the next Messi but he hardly gets a look in at Manchester City. Really good prem players even go out on loan and don't start for their parent club until they're in their 20s. We are not alone in our approach to loaning players out to get experience. it's just the way the modern game is. I just hope however that players who do prove themselves at lower league clubs are given an opportunity, ie, Moore, Morrell, Walsh to show what they can do for us before too long
  8. Something is not right at the club at the moment. Performances worse week on week, constant personnel and formation changes. It all adds up to the feeling that Johnson has run out of ideas of how to get the best from this group, and that the players seems to lack faith in his leadership
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