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  1. Oh dear...that spell checker didn't work did it ?
  2. I was there too. Can't honestly remember much about the match but do remember the amazing atmosphere. I was 14 so must have been driven to the game by my Dad and some of his work mates.
  3. Don't forget Birmingham has a Clear Air Zone, which is chargeable. St Andrews is outside it, but only just.
  4. Really...Finishing 12th and 14th with half a championship team and no say on incoming transfers. That really is awful, wouldn't want us finishing in such lowly positions with poor players.
  5. No problem with that if you are well drilled and drop in to two banks of four, shut off the passing lanes and press like dogs, to protect a lead. What we do is a million miles from that. The worse crime for me is the constant pumping the ball upfield ,when we do win it, and it comes straight back at us, as more pressure.
  6. Not for me, went down too easily. (I was in front of it in South Stand).
  7. Really !!! even though it was bad early / mid morning and got progressively worse during the day. Don't need to have a crystal ball to see what was going to happen the closer the kick off time approached. I admit I have not been to the 'new' Wembley but surely it wouldn't be difficult to stop people going on to Wembley way who didn't have a ticket for the game. (would any Police Force anywhere else in Europe have allowed scenes like that to occur ?).
  8. Just don't refer to them as Notts Forest.
  9. I thought everyone left their seats early ! or he wanted to grab a £1 pie.
  10. Not sure about scapegoating, but lots of balanced views as to why he was pulled at Half Time. Only one person knows the real answer and I would guess it was because he wasn't doing the job that NP asked him to do. The same thing happened to Vyner and he hasnt been seen since. NP is on record as saying that if players do their own thing and don't follow their game instructions then they won't be playing.
  11. Exactly this. I was only thinking earlier 9 0f the 14 used yesterday remain from LJ's tenure. (2 of whom should have far more Championship experience by this stage of their careers imo). This is nowhere near a Nigel Pearson team. Patience is indeed needed.
  12. Look up Dave Fevs old posts he has explained it several times over. The answer is about 5 bob in old money.
  13. Football at it's sanitised best.
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