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  1. Jody Morris and Russel Martin the two main candidates...according to Planet Swans.
  2. You said it yourself. It is advice only. A football club or other organisation have no legal grounds to stop someone entering if they are not wearing a mask, been jabbed or taken a test. Those were not the stated requirements when you bought a season ticket. Legally the club / organisation would lose every case brought against it for barring entry on those grounds. Therefore the advice us for people to be sensible enough to do what they think is best re mask wearing, time spent in busy concourses etc.
  3. Not sure why anyone thinks that the club should introduce measures that are no longer required for entry to any event indoors or out. It is now up to people to make their own choices rather than being told what to do. If your'e not comfortable don't go. Or take a free LFt 24 hrs before and wear a mask...all your own choice. I am double vaxed and will enter the ground and go straight to my seat outside ..no need to hang around in the concourse.
  4. Great 3pm ko on Saturday afternoon. The time and day football is meant to be played imo.
  5. Parachute payments ended. Cooper entering last year of his contract. Mutually beneficial to both parties for him to leave. Looks like they will also be losing saleable assets like Jamal Lewis, Connor Roberts. Wouldn't be surprised to see Cameron Toshack moved up to first team manager.
  6. Part of a ship.....He is the King of the West Country
  7. Would this even be a question if we had scored 2 more penalties ?
  8. Totally agree Dave. The contact was around the hip area. Two defenders cut across him forcing a slalom run which, with the hip contact and the pace he was running, meant there was only going to be one result. Penalty all day long when played in real time.
  9. Mick Harford worth a mention. Long career in the top flight after leaving us, 2 England caps.
  10. Totally agree with all the above comments but can't help feeling that Rashford would do well to concentrate more on the day job. His form has dipped woefully over the past 18 months or so.
  11. Why would someone pay that when they are 195 euros on the UEFA site ? Looks like a few touts are going to get burned.
  12. Keep trying, different tickets keep popping up. Saturday Cat 3 tickets for Spain Italy, yesterday Fan Only tickets. I think tomorrow will be more likely when they try to shift any returned tickets.
  13. Do they not know where Rome is ?
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