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  1. Listen to FBC podcast, it's mentioned most weeks !
  2. According to BBC sport this still ongoing and Derby still face a possible further 9 point deduction for breaches.
  3. I remember that we scored 4 in both and Ritchie scored a hat trick in one of them. Pretty sure both of them were on MOTD but may be wrong about the Away game.
  4. Promotion season and it was on Match Of The Day. (thought it was a Ritchie hat trick but bow to your better memory).
  5. Not really. He said the day after the August window that fans will be disappointed in January if they expect any incomings, during that window.
  6. I didn't see anyone sat down quiet, last week at Cardiff. If they sat down they wouldn't have seen anything as everyone else was standing.
  7. Yes I agree. I had no quibble with the selection pre game. Nige has said on several occassions if a player is in possession of the shirt and does well then they keep. No need to change anything after Cardiff. I just feel that Wednesday we need to be on the front foot a bit more, go for the home win from the start rather than waiting to make attacking substitutions later in the game.
  8. Not long got home from the game and was about to write a similar summary. For a 0-0 it was pretty enjoyable to watch and a draw was a fair result. My only criticism would be Kalas's long throws. why so many, why so ineffective. He wasted so much time taking them, drying the ball etc. Wouldnt be surprised to see Semenyo and Dasilva start on Wednesday with Massengo inside instead of King.
  9. I like Mariobalatelis's thinking four posts down on the linked page, though.
  10. Think they would have had a better chance of winning the title if they had spent that on Declan Rice, instead.
  11. What about the £55 million in wages ?
  12. Bersant Celina, not a bad signing to be honest. Bombed out, first time round, because he didn't do enough 'donkey work' for Mick Mcarthy.
  13. Looks a quality player, albeit from clips of lower league. Three right backs this year but guess he will / should make the position his own next season. Guess NP isn't sold on Vyner.
  14. Yes his celebration at the end was fantastic, I thought he was going to pop. Gave his his shirt to a young lad in the front row (as did Semenyo). His contribution has been greatly under appreciated on here, simply because he goes under the radar. He gets a tackle in keeps possession and does the simple things well.
  15. Agree Very well policed and organised, despite the numerous local vermin trying to have a 'pop'. Only problem was local Police trying to herd everyone to Grangetown....some of us were actually parked on the side streets.
  16. I was also very impressed with our winning of the 'second' ball all afternoon yesterday. We were also well positioned that if we couldn't win it then any Cardiff threat from it was immediately snuffed out.
  17. Lewandowski I reckon will join them before the window closes.
  18. 'steve' from Brislington
  19. I have missed Mihah I think his name was. The level headed gas fan that used to visit the Basement Rovers thread. He was having quite a few problems workwise during covid.
  20. Shaw / Welch Sweeney Collier Merrick Scott Mann Gow Murray Tinnion Taylor Harford / Ritchie 442 plus a couple of either / or's
  21. And don't forget giving Xhaka a new contract.
  22. Shame in a way that the ESL never did take off, Arsenal would have been cannon fodder for the other teams...bottom of the league every year.
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