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  1. Yeh I had 22.35 refunded earlier today
  2. Then we can all wear our 'Bristol city 2019/20 championship play off winners - I wasn't there' t-shirts
  3. https://shop.bristol-sport.co.uk/bcfc/souvenir/bcfc-gifts/booksbcfc/1524_125th-anniversary-commemorative-programme.html
  4. I took this yesterday before it went pear shaped in the SS. Do love it though.
  5. Couldn't see a thing from W12 what was going on pitchside. I didn't actually notice the past names on the tv screens until my mate nudged me and said look at those names, Maybe I wasen't paying attention?
  6. 3 out of the 4 of us have renewed
  7. Me too. Renewed a few hours ago awaiting confirmation email still. Has gone through as it's showing in my account section current and next years ST. Youuuuu reds.
  8. I went there a few summers ago and also the old emmerdale village. Esholt or something like that? - not sure how far Esholt is from huddersfield I think it's a little further north so abit out of the way. Both good to visit though.
  9. Extra £15 quid for me compared to this season. Will be renewing monday evening after work. COYR.
  10. I'm in a similar position, Theres 4 of us who regularly go. 3 season card holders - 2 of us 100% renewing we like the buzz and the atmosphere of seeing your friends and supporting your team regardless of the results however frustrating it is. The third cant justify the style of football/results and the hassle of swapping shifts etc. So will not be renewing but instead be getting membership and cherry picking his games to suit. 4th has a half season card and will also renew.
  11. I will renew 100% It's bad enough in the summer with no regular football let alone a whole season.
  12. West brom Brentford Leeds Bristol city Fulham Nottingham forest
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