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  1. It’s 0-0. Support the team during the game for fecks sake. Leave this until afterwards.
  2. Half this forum probably supports them. It’s odd.
  3. Rotherham certainly did it before - I remember going to them away a few years ago (Flint and Fielding had nightmares in a 2-2 draw) and they played the sound of cheering from the speakers when they scored!
  4. I think that a potential consideration a lot miss is that often, us lot aren’t exactly the ‘target audience’ for a lot of the club’s social media activity. Seeing as a lot of young kids have a choice between us, Rovers or any number of bigger premier league clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool, I suppose there needs to be a certain level of outreach aimed at the younger generation - probably mostly the content that would branded cringeworthy by us oldies on here. This outreach is probably an important modern consideration for football teams. In the eyes of young potential fans, the larger the stat
  5. Do you have a Wyscout subscription, Dave? Assuming I’m right in saying that’s the platform in the photo. I’ve always wanted one but can’t justify the cost really as I would only use it as a hobby.
  6. That’s the point of the xG column, as I understand it - it takes into account the difficulty of every shot. So a goalkeeper who faces a lot of close-range or too corner shots will be expected to concede a lot of goals. Here the statistics suggest Bentley has not had the most difficult of shots against him compared to the number of goals conceded.
  7. I was thinking this. I suppose a few/many on here are of the age where they were getting into football in the 80s where Liverpool had a lot of success - I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of members were fans of Liverpool in their younger years, die to their success, then switched to City once they were able to go to games and devote more of their lives to their local team. Just a theory though!
  8. Why not? I personally feel as though this is the logical next step from the outdated and monopolised current situation with terrestrial television.
  9. This thread is hilarious. Some poor bloke asks for help after being attacked by a bunch of opposition fans and everyone loses their shit at each other... never change OTIB!
  10. Care to elaborate? I’ve never done much wrong and consequentially never faced any unjust trouble. And I wouldn’t consider myself lazy whatsoever, far from it. I keep hearing people say things like this.
  11. Yes, not working at all. Hopefully fixed in a couple of minutes.
  12. Is that his arse in the second picture? Absolutely huge.
  13. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/201471-albert-merged/
  14. To be honest I think this backs up the point I was making - we spent a year of his career "evaluating" him only to sell him because he wasn't good enough. I think from his point of view he has just wasted a year of his career. From the club's point of view however it is fine. It was a gamble that didn't pay off but we still made a profit, so I have no complaints.
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