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  1. So it's taken four and a half weeks to decide that the best coach out there, was already a coach at city. Wow , what a joke
  2. Why would we be 13th in a months time, we could also be in the top two. Who knows ?we have one bad result, and let's face it so have the majority of teams in this league. Don't get why fans are throwing toys out of the pram when we are in the playoffs
  3. Get a grip, we are sixth we would be a laughing stock getting rid of a manager when we are in the playoffs
  4. Pathetic if anyone saying Lee Johnson is the worst.
  5. Ok , what I'm trying to say is that I remember the early Alan Dicks days, we struggled for a few seasons but eventually he got it right and got us to the promised land. I can't Remember the fans being so devided as it is now. We are playing at the highest level since those days let's all get behind the team and Lee and hopefully we get back to those days
  6. Ok , but surely until Lee has gone we should all get right behind him
  7. If you can't be bothered to get behind Lee and the team , why do you still bother comming to the games . Just interested to find out
  8. Only 8 points off 2nd,well done Lee your doing a great job
  9. I certainly hope so. Getting closer every season , one of the brightest managers around
  10. OMG. What a over reaction because Palmers not playing. Why should Pato be dropped, he's been part of this run we've been on
  11. So underrated IMO. Always feel more confident when he starts or comes on. Great player
  12. Because we are a half decent team that keeps picking up points
  13. Go away . you are talking crap
  14. if you think that was piss poor I suggest you give up watching football and do something else on Saturdays.
  15. Are you watching the same game as me?. we have not been piss poor.
  16. We are where we are. We will not be top two , we could with a bit of luck and some good signings make top six. I for one am right behind Lee Johnson we have improved every season since he has been in charge. Today wasn't great , I admit that but some people on here need to get a grip and accept that we are a !I'd table championship club, and I got one are happy with that at the moment. Well done Lee
  17. Johnson haters starting to get excited again
  18. Good win tonight. Win Sunday we will be looking at play offs
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