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  1. What do you know? I hope this isn’t true.
  2. You have to go to non hd channel (511) then press red button.
  3. Just seen it on Sky sports, came off his face.
  4. Just picked up my phone to have a look, wish I hadn’t bothered now!
  5. Marley Watkins just equalised for Cardiff against Sutton Utd.
  6. Robins uncut 12 now available. I’m sure someone with better skills than me can post the link..
  7. Apparently playing in u23s.
  8. Had the same issues but downloaded the Bristol City app and am now watching via that albeit on screen share.
  9. When does Britton’s contract expire?
  10. Does anyone know who the person is on the Bristol CIty Instagram post, recently posted?
  11. You’ve got your wish.. let’s see how Swansea react!
  12. I’m having issues with forum too, can’t get into account settings to update it so keeps going to first post. Argh!
  13. Well Baker’s missus is about to drop a little un so perhaps not what you think. As I said who knows!
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