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  1. We rose to the occasion that time!! Im going for a home win! COYR
  2. Isn’t Martin’s partner (wife?) about to give birth?
  3. England 1-0 up, Scott nearly scored for a second.
  4. Went to the shop on Saturday and was told the kit was ready to go and just awaiting the word to go!
  5. Lol was thinking that as I wrote it!
  6. He doesn’t live in Swansea, has a house in the same estate as Nahki.
  7. I’m isolating in my room as have covid. I have sky sports with virgin media. Currently watching it on the iPad - can I get red button/what do I do to be able to watch match?
  8. Is it on the red button? I thought it was after seeing something on sky sports but I can’t see it on the planned schedule?
  9. Does anyone know if we will ever go back to printed programmes?
  10. According to this, they got married in January.
  11. Derby losing, Reading drawing…
  12. Have they been given an extra month?
  13. I sit in the central Dolman stand and like a good sing and shout but couldn’t hear the words to the newer songs to join in.
  14. Haven’ t read whole topic but we should have song for Semenyo.
  15. What have I missed with ‘the Atkinson situation’?
  16. AW wife just had baby so if he’s missing, maybe that’s why?
  17. Anyone know when the Black Friday discounts for City end?
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