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  1. Not trying to start an argument but who would you seriously replace him with ?. I still think he’s the best manager we’ve had in decades and the damage had been done way before he come in .
  2. What songs about ex players were being sang? , seen a few people mentioning this.
  3. Good points . we could fill the ground more if ticket prices got lowered . Living outside of Bristol I have many friends who are plastic fans of teams like Liverpool who have a soft spot for city but will never come watch them when they have to pay between £30 and £40 to watch city play Peterborough at home .
  4. I take it you are talking about derby and Wednesday who will both be back in the champ and pushing for play off before we ever will be .
  5. Yeah a new stadium and training ground which will be used in league one if we keep going the way we are . He’s been in charge for 20 odd years now and in that time many clubs with nowhere near as much investment have passed us without redeveloping a stand and building a training ground .
  6. Can’t see him selling after the new plans for the basketball stadium and the rugby playing at Ashton gate . I don’t want to make a petty dig at lansdown but he’s completely clueless when it comes to running a football club the amount of money he’s pissed away on the wrong things is just ridiculous.
  7. Ran out of likes but whenever anyone says what you just did they get ridiculed and told how much sl has had to spend How someone can make a business that started in his bedroom into a billion pound one and fail so miserably with Bristol city is mind blowing .
  8. Smallest club shop which is half filled with rugby clothing .
  9. If you cant find anywhere this sites always really good. https://ww.soccer24hd.com/home/today.html
  10. Both getting six figure pay offs according to the post . I thought when Simpson left it was only a matter of time for Downing .
  11. Will Massengo be available today ? we have missed his energy in the midfield lately.
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