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  1. I don’t know a Liverpool fan that’s ever been to Liverpool let alone to watch them .
  2. Try living in Wiltshire mate , grown men in Liverpool shirts everywhere. When you say you support Bristol city they always say why their shit.
  3. It’s all to do with all the plastics down south that support Liverpool. Man City aren’t quite there yet with the plastics down here but give it 15 years .
  4. Im not sure why people want Leeds to go down. Guaranteed loss at home Guaranteed loss away Guaranteed away fans in the home end Guaranteed piss take all over social media when we only take 3/400 away to Elland road .
  5. Orr wasn’t a well known prem player though and Barton’s wife won’t admit to the violence so I reckon he’ll get off Scott free .
  6. Agree with what you say but unfortunately we all know his status means he not getting sent down for what he’s done .
  7. Not sure if it’s click bait but I’ve seen a lot of articles about Mappe having a lot of control at psg with his new contract. For example controlling who the club sells and signs .
  8. According to Barton on radio Bristol the other night wallys gonna give them the same size budget as Sheffield Wednesday and other clubs at the top end of the league .
  9. Haha I was listening to that yesterday, he’s not wrong .
  10. 100 percent , I’d rather see teams like West Ham win the top division than all the plastic day tripper clubs like Liverpool
  11. Good job nobody from Bristol supports those teams aye
  12. I think in our case at city it’s been more to do with who’s been recruited after and how they’ve been sold the club when it’s actually ran different to what they’ve been told .
  13. Somethings obviously going on with him still personally, I know he had a lot of time off but something must still be effecting him for him to do something that random .
  14. Sheffield utd going up would mean less miles for our fans but other than that I don’t think it matters as we probably won’t compete top half next season , who knows though in nige we trust .
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