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  1. Pearson’s doing as expected with what we have . He hasn’t had a normal transfer budget so has had to rely on young players without much experience such as Scott, benarous , bakinson, semenyo and pring. If we can stay up this season which is looking more hopeful now I truly believe nige is the right man to take us forward.
  2. Reliable streaming website for those of you not going today coyr . https://soccer24hd.com/home/today.html
  3. Yeh a lot of interest in Tom Lawrence but I’m sure Rooney got a few loan links ready .
  4. I’ve been trying on sky bet to find the odds on derby staying up but they are not offering them . Depending on what business we do in jan I think you could have a good bet right there
  5. Was gonna say imagine 20,000 crashing through those doors into the concourse. It would of been like the fight scene off The Mummy .
  6. Think it was a question of fitness which apparently recently had started to improve. He definitely has something about him , didn’t take him long after coming on against Brentford to score I think .
  7. I would normally agree but it’s relevant and also phantoms statement is true.
  8. Tbh RG may be well thought of in cricket but not football . I’m not having a pop at Gould as he hasn’t had long to impact the club and but what I’ve thought for the last couple of years is we will never have a real attempt of a promotion push under the lansdowns .
  9. yes Whilst Holden shouldn’t have been in charge in the first place I’ll always hold him in high regard because of the way he came across. Whenever any manager goes to a club they say how happy they are and chat shit about how big the club is but with dean you could see he was being genuine.
  10. I would of thought he’s at reading watching she’d Utd for Sunday
  11. I believe so , rumour was he was really hurt by the sacking which I guess makes sense as he looked so proud when he took over .
  12. Think your right , first half it really clicked we just need to be consistent throughout the game with it . As much as we criticise cod on here I thought he did really well in the lwb role.
  13. Problem will still be here if Pearson goes . The club has been ran do poorly that it’s gonna take time to turn around , changing manager would just be pissing money up the wall.
  14. Isn’t the country on higher alert due to what happenedin Liverpool
  15. That was just a screenshot from google , me and Friends went on it years ago back at school. None of us are computer savvy so it goes to show just how easy it is to get on there.
  16. Was on Silk Road quite a few years ago only had the bottle to stay on for less than 5 minutes but let’s just say you could order a hitman (contract killer) as easy as you can groceries on the normal web . Not sure how legitimate the hitmen on the site were but have read plenty of articles about murder cases involving killers off the dark web .
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