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  1. Yeh very true Hes just a little gas head was loud
  2. Fair play to everyone for the noise tonight , reminds me of the 2-2 draw with Norwich when the ground was at its emptiest for a while yet the atmosphere was great .
  3. Honestly everyone was outstanding tonight and up until the red card I thought Sykes was brilliant . I never thought I’d say this but I thought vyner was great tonight and also Atkinson is turning into quite some player .
  4. All money mate , same reason we have the most expensive pay on the day in the league .
  5. I have a funny feeling after 5 games that’s how many points we will have
  6. Tbf on the lower ticket prices people do have a point . We’re the most expensive in the league with pay on the day prices by nearly £10 and were awful.
  7. He allowed us to be in a poor ffp position by his poor running of the club and his poor choices when hiring people . people always bang on about what we would be without him but just look at the clubs that have had way more success than us swindon , Cardiff , Swansea , Brentford, Ipswich, Wigan , Bolton just to name a few and yes some are in the lower leagues now but none of those would swap their achievements to be like Bristol city.
  8. I see people saying this all the time but I don’t believe that for a second though. Everything in Londons more expensive and you find half the players that sign for city end up still living down here even after they’ve transferred to another club . Our underachievements over the years purely come down to an owner blindly running the club and us not being as ambitious as others .
  9. Exactly mate blows my mind how people think he’s done a good job when dozens of clubs that were the same size or smaller than us have had way more success and overtaken us in lansdowns quater of a century in charge . I know some of them are now in league one but I can guarantee none of them would swap anything they’ve done to be like Bristol city .
  10. Amen people can blame lj, Ashton and Pearson all they want but in the end it all comes down to him .
  11. I might be wrong but I feel especially under Johnson he was never given a consistent run in the team to prove himself. The one time he was given a few games run are fans were raving about how good he was but then he got injured away at hull. The abuse he got from our fans when he joined Cardiff certainly would of been enough inspiration for him but it’s still early days so we’ll have to wait and see how he keeps going .
  12. Would like to see that but would probably try kadji over massengo. It would be interesting to see how wells and Conway would get on together I think wells would be great for us in a front two instead of on his own or played out wide .
  13. It’s because our louder fans are shoved out the way in a small corner whilst the away fans get a whole end behind the goal . It was the same when our fans were in the atyeo not long ago yet again we were only given a small portion of the stand . It won’t change until section 82 has a whole end behind a goal but the clubs to soft and cosy to allow it to happen .
  14. Could it be worse than last time against them ?
  15. Lansdowns on sounds of the city tonight for those of you interested
  16. Maybe joe palmer from 1919 to 1921
  17. That’s a good question but honestly it looks like if things aren’t sorted we could be heading to league one anyway so would of been nice to have at least a year of prem football before we go back . The thought of being on the brink like derby and Blackpool isn’t a nice one but I think the reality is that if we stay under the lansdowns ownership both of those will be at least challenging for prem football before we ever do . For a good comparison of how badly we’ve been run the year we got promoted to the champ and had a promising squad with what looked like great momentum luton had just got promoted from the conference and even they have had a crack in the play offs .
  18. There’s always gonna be a risk with foreign buyers (as well as with British) but I’d honesty be looking forward to it . Lansdowns been in charge for just over quarter of a century and the amount of clubs smaller than us or the same size as us that have had some recognisable success is criminal. As some say he might want what’s best for the club but he seems totally oblivious in actually moving the club forward. You can build as many shiny new stands as you like but it’s gonna mean absolutely nothing when we drop back down to league one but at least it looks good for concerts and the egg chasers .
  19. Norwich have been much the better team but fair play to Wigan taking their chance . Wigan missed a one on one not long before the goal as well .
  20. Completely different though as that corner at Coventry holds thousands and it expands into the side stand . The corner at Ashton gate is tiny in comparison.
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