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  1. Always find it interesting to watch the AFCON and note the many players (especially for the smaller nations) that play domestic football in Africa. I think it's very rare (if ever) these players come directly to England, but many who catch the eye will move over to Belgian, Swiss, Turkish clubs initially, and then, if they do well, move into the bigger leagues. I wonder what young players we fleetingly see turn out for the likes of Mali, Burkina Faso et al. will end up being stellar pros in Europes big leagues in the next 5 years? It's kind of fun to make a prediction on who might make that leap
  2. £10 adults would of seen at least 14-15k in the stands I reckon. Club got this one wrong imo
  3. Something something woke snowflake something something
  4. Remember, prior to the season start Atkinson only had one year of professional football under his belt. He's 23, but in terms of the rigours of pro football experience, he's younger than that. I think he's been good for us this season, not exceptional. He's being managed and selected accordingly by NP in this context
  5. Is this the start of another of Jaoquin Phoenix's 'projects'?
  6. Think women's football is technically great at present, and I'm generally a big champion of the game. Yet I do genuinely think their should be a consideration of smaller goal frames - it just doesn't make sense with the average height of an adult female
  7. Are they? Can't see any mention of students getting tickets for a tenner
  8. I want to caveat this with the fact I'm a Massengo fan, but it's funny what a lot of running around does for fan perception of player performance. Bakinson, I believe, has been far more useful than HNM in recent games, but has got all of the stick. HNM has been positionally poor and pretty wasteful for a few games now. Not unexpected for a young man, especially in a team that hasn't been paying well, but still interesting that he has has near to zero criticism, whilst Bakinson gets pelters on here. Running a lot does not equal good. I often fall into that trap, but it really isn't the case
  9. If we want to improve as a team, Kalas is the type of player we want to retain. He's absolutely class at this level, and that really can't be leveled at the rest of the team (in the main). FFP is always a concern, but to want him away to 'free wages' will just excerbate the decline under us. If he wants to stay, we should be trying to keep him
  10. You know if you fold a dollar bill in a certain way it depicts the twin towers on fire ...a coincidence...I think not Whatever you do, don't listen to Stairway to Heaven backwards...unless you want to be a real truther
  11. "No, I have better surface level understanding of virology and epidemiology! "NO, I have a better surface level understanding of virology and epidemiology!"
  12. A shame this clip isn't a little longer
  13. I am confident games are now being stopped whereas they didn't used to be (in the main). Until last season, I don't remember ever watching a game of football where the game was stopped for a medical emergency in the crowd (I'm in my thirties), so a fair amount of time. COVID aside, you must get close to a million people watching football in-person each week, from a wide range of age ranges, and lets face it, probably not always from the most 'heart healthy' demographic. So you can't tell me there were never medical emergencies before the last two years, and now there are. I'm sure it's a change of approach.
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