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  1. First question is odd - "When did you become a fan of the Championship?" as if we are fans of the league and then picked a team to support within it! I think i put something to the effect that i became a fan when we got promoted into the league. Easy survey to complete though.
  2. I've always assumed every player knows the ball will be in the air for 2-3 seconds and will plan out where they need to be, so they will all start somewhere else and have that 2-3 seconds to make their movement. The arm raise lets the players know to start that move.
  3. Market Value is one thing, but even though Fam cost a lot I think we've got our moneys worth out of him, so even if he went at a loss I wouldn't necessarily see that as money wasted by any means. Top goalscorer for three seasons is it, earned us a lot of points and we've probably had his best years. If he went on a free and earned big money somewhere I wouldn't begrudge him that and would thank him for the last few seasons. He's been an absolute pro, through some tough times and seems a genuinely nice guy to boot. Best of luck to him I say.
  4. Maybe he wanted to for his own personal reasons? The story is easily searchable, he said it in an interview with a journalist in 2007 that he was being tutored.
  5. Worth noting that Rooney has no coaching badges and a potential barrier to him achieving them may be his rumored reading age. It is well known he failed to pass any GCSE's and attempted to retake Maths and English at Man Utd with the help of an expensive tutor, only to fail again. I want to make clear this isn't intended in any way to mock the guy, he has achieved far more than many of us ever will, but you have to wonder about his ability to be a full time Championship club manager given these facts.
  6. I can't help feeling that if this comes to pass, we will end up in a few years in a group of 10-12 clubs with a squad of exactly 25 players all on exactly £720k p.a. each, in which case I don't see how that benefits us at all.
  7. Yes, he really came onto the scene after his goal against Rovers. That was ages before the heart surgery, and most fans had nothing but positive things to say about him. If he did say these things, then they are clearly not true.
  8. i think thats peoples issue, it shouldnt be good enough for a starting place, but all too often he has been selected when better options were available, and then he's gone on to have a poor game.
  9. QPR's kit last season was hopeless for seeing names/numbers on the back. Gold letters and numbers on a blue and white striped background - how did that ever pass muster?
  10. Blackpool away for me too but a different one to the ones above. It finished 0-0, peeing down with rain and Mickey Bell missed a last minute pen, just about the only action in the whole game.
  11. The Wigan squad finished 13th last season - points deduction and relegation doesn't change that. they were a good side and Williams a key part of that.
  12. I haven't seen anyone saying they think we'll be in the playoffs, its more about what is an acceptable finishing position given our world class recruitment campaign with 100+ candidates, multi-stage sifting process, and rigorous interviewing resulting in the best possible human being appointed. Do i expect us to finish top 6? No, I expect the above to be exposed as the absolute BS it obviously is.
  13. If Hughton had been appointed we'd be expecting top 6, so the fact we've appointed Holden over him, means I expect Holden to be held to the same standard. If we're not doing that then Ashton and Co need to be honest about their expectations for next season.
  14. Conversations like this always remind me of the game where the normally fairly ordinary Phil Jevons had the game of his life and just looked like an absolute world beater. I think it was possibly against Gillingham and he scored a first half hat-trick? Don't remember another performance that was so out of character.
  15. But "next season" starts on Jul 1. That is already written into thousands of players contracts and the authorities have no power to amend contracts without the express consent of the two parties to that contract, the player and the club.
  16. I can't see that they will allow this seasons games to be played after June 30 because all the players contracts are tied to that date. What happens to players on loan for the season like Benik? If there are games on 3rd July does he play for Stoke or for us? what about youth players due to play on pro terms from Jul 1, can they play? Also players due to move or retire on June 30, will they be forced to play for their existing clubs? Is that even legal under freedom of employment? The legal ramifications of playing this seasons games after next season has technically started are too big to resolve. The only way this season can finish if of they can fit it all in before that date. Given the 56 days quoted by EFL that means play to resume on 5th May at the absolute latest which seems deeply unlikely at this point. I think we have to face the fact that this season is over.
  17. It will take months to do human trials and you cant fast track the process in case there are unforeseen side effects. Especially if the plan is to roll it out to millions of people in a short space of time.
  18. As LJ interviews go this was a good one, very informative and illuminating. Lots of industries have their own internal "techie speak" and he does sometimes forget that he is talking to the average fan and not just GMcG and a camera, but if you count that as a failing of his then its one i'm happy to put up with as long as the players are understanding what he's getting at and can implement it, and if they can't then Holden & McAllister should be helping them understand.
  19. yes, viruses tend to become less lethal as they mutate and adapt through the population, but not quite as linear as the numbers you describe, that will happen over months and years, rather than days.
  20. £60k pw. I believe he mentioned it on his own twitter. Thats why Stoke want rid. We might not be paying 100% though...
  21. The general mortality rate in the UK is 4.4 in 1000, or to put it another way a little under 1 in 200 people always die. Coronavirus has had virtually zero impact on the normal mortality rate in China - there are literally dozens of illnesses that kill way more people every day, including as has been mentioned before, ordinary flu. The whole thing has been blown massively out of proportion and the suggestion that sporting events should be cancelled is ridiculous. If that were true we should cancel everything forever, because of all the other illnesses out there that people might catch.
  22. Madison Square Garden does both ice hockey and basketball so it can be done, although no idea what the costs would be like. In fact this sunday evening is an NHL game with harlem globetrotters playing less than 18 hours later. amazing turnaround.
  23. Every time we do two subs at once, even if its like for like players they always switch the subs so the board puts up the "wrong" player to make it less obvious to the opposition bench how we will be setting up. We have done this for a couple of seasons now and it still confuses large sections of the crowd, and apparently a few on here as well!
  24. I've heard for years that we'd be battered every week if we ever got promoted but I think a lot of the games between lesser Premier League teams are not much better than the Championship, and I'd like to think that with a few key additions we'd be competitive in a lot of games. Of course, we are likely to lose to Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea etc, but 22 out of 38 games would be against fellow bottom 12 teams, and there would be plenty of points available in those games.
  25. i've seen that too, which is equally stupid as it would imply there would be less and less goals per games as you go down the leagues. There isn't.
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