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  1. The main flaw with xG is that it takes no account of the individual skill of the player. So a shot from 8 yards might have an xG of 0.80 (i.e. an 80% chance of a goal) regardless of whether its struck by Sergio Aguero or Baz Savage. Proponents of the system have tried to argue that the best players don't actually have a significantly higher chance of scoring from a given position but obviously if that was true, then why do teams spend millions of pounds on strikers? It's complete nonsense.
  2. We are where we are in the league because we are marginally better than a majority of the teams in this division. Two wins on the spin with an unchanged side made it easier for Millwall to guess how we would set-up and to set themselves to nullify that, and it worked. Even then, luck has played its part, Weimann had an easyish early chance and Wallace has scored a low percentage shot (their only shot on target of the half). If either of those go the other way we might be sat here this morning celebrating a win, although probably not a performance. My point is that its a game of fine margins, and although individual results are subject to chance, we are a little bit better than a lot of the division, and we need to trust that that will show in the final league positions.
  3. I wouldn't mind another look at Rodri, now that he's had a couple of weeks to work on his match sharpness.
  4. Semenyo is in the squad because of the home grown player rule. Johnson has said this multiple times. Eisa would not have counted. Even last week the Bristol Post was saying - "will Rodri coming mean Semenyo missing out?" - No! He needs to be in the squad for that reason.
  5. didn't the Withdean (brightons old ground) have a grass bank as well?
  6. This reminds me of when Luke Wilkshire pointlessly flew halfway round the world to sit on the bench as Australia pulverised some south Pacific island 6 or 7 nil.
  7. Massengo's shirt went for €975 in the end. good price that for the charity.
  8. I guess one way to answer is to flip the question and say which Championship grounds are consistently louder? Leeds can be but often quiet for large periods, Weds - no, Forest - no. In fact the only one i can think of that I've been to (about half i would say) is QPR, and the only time I've been there was for a feisty evening game back in the L1 days.
  9. Diedhiou up front by himself doesn't work. I think we'd be better off with Weimann central, Fam on the left, Semenyo right with Palmer behind.
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