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  1. You can "invest" all the time and money you have and ever will have but it doesn't make it "your club" no matter how much you perceive that to be the case. In this set up, fans are customers. It's no different to thinking you have some influence on who is employed at your local Tesco because you shop there. Unless you are employed at senior level by the club you have no say on recruitment, nor should you. Your opinion means nothing to the club, it's not your decision who to employ. What would make you think that the club would consider you suitably qualified to have a valid opinion?
  2. Yes, definitely encouraging to hear, especially on the back of the deal with the Private Hospitals. Even breweries such as Brewdog are stepping up and manufacturing and delivering Hand Sanitiser to Hospitals. All these things combined could save many thousands of lives potentially. All about buying as many days/weeks/months as possible until a vaccine is (hopefully!) rolled out.
  3. It's a funny world we live in. If there's World War breaking out, you can rest assured those of us that are able would get called to arms, given some basic training and taught how to shoot and kill another man. I wonder if a global pandemic posed a similar threat to our nation (which it could do), whether those of us that are 'low risk' could be trained and equipped to potentially save lives? Surely it wouldn't be that hard to train someone to take Ob's or to intubate a patient? It could help free up the more fully trained staff to care for those who need it most. I know it
  4. Cancel or suspend all sporting or non sporting events until we've dealt with the major issue in hand. It's an entertainment industry. Nothing more. There's no point playing games with no crows to entertain if we're all locked up in quarantine or clogging up ICU's. Going ahead with crowd generating activities will simply create a huge petri dish for this thing to spread. Remember there's a 5-14 day incubation period and whilst it may "just be a flu" for you, it could kill the person who has a season ticket next to you, or their family member, or yours. There's no point in us or g
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