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  1. Could always see little improvements in his game coming along, think him playing further up suits him and us pressing wise. His willingness to run helps us immensely. When he adds goals to his game, he won't be here much longer.
  2. QPR haven't had a sudden change of style, they played the same way ever since Warburton came in, they've just improved the quality of the players in that time period. We robbed them at Loftus Road last year the exact same. I'm all for giving time to every manager but would just like to see a bit more attacking intent at Ashton Gate. Too rigid and has been that way for years.
  3. Bentley, Massengo and Kalas too - wow, what performances. We've been having these types of performances away from home for a couple years now even before Nige. It's time to sort the home performances now. Bakinson and Tanner first minutes this season, thought they played well, I bet they are knackered. Good subs today, all played well off the bench. QPR best side we've played this season and we played our usual away performance with the smash and grab which I'm all for but until home performances change I'm still going to be wary. If we could play like them at home with their attacking intent and the pace they play the ball around at, we'd be a proper proper team.
  4. I'm scared Bakinson might get sent off, already on a booking
  5. Think we need Williams on for Bakinson and Semenyo on for Weimann
  6. Weimann and Martin just kill us dead on the break too much
  7. the one time we don't mess about we score! well done Massengo, really really good there.
  8. Can Weimann and Martin hold onto the ball for more than one second, killing our momentum in build-ups and on the break
  9. We've had good possession but we actually need someone to shoot and test this keeper. Wells would do that given the chance.
  10. strikers aren't really bringing much to this, rest of the team are playing alright though!
  11. They get the ball forward quickly don't they, no messing about
  12. No. We sold/released our only goal threats/creative players. It's going to be turgid without any pace or willingness to run off the ball and in behind.
  13. mental how Cam Pring is our most effective player going forward this season, really impressed with him and his effort.
  14. No real forward outlets. Getting given the run around by Cornick and Jerome says it all. Not technically strong players but players who are willing to run in behind with a bit of pace - which we lack massively. Thank goodness for Bentley. Should be 4 or 5. We're getting the ball in okay areas but no attacker linking up or dropping in to support with enough quality. Bullied off it so easily.
  15. I've mentioned it previously but only 7 of his 25 goals have been at Ashton Gate. When he has less time to think he plays better and acts on instinct more. When he has more time on the ball mostly at home games he is much less effective - like most of our squad.
  16. Did well for the two finishes today and plenty of energy still in the legs, he suits away from home where he doesn't have much time to think, need to see him do more in home games and being more of an impact when we have more of the ball. Think only 7 of his 25 goals for us have been at Ashton Gate. Big difference there.
  17. Against Reading he was strong and won a lot, against Middlesbrough I don't remember him winning much and he wasn't helping us hold the ball up the pitch at all.
  18. Usual, not enough movement up the top of the pitch, too slow and let Swansea get back in shape. Massengo didn't stop running but our quality on the ball tonight wasn't up to it. Not going to go at Semenyo, he's played 60 minutes of reserve football and then he's forced to backtrack and cover the liability at right back. 15 shots and didn't really look like scoring much says it all. We played well in moments but Swansea looked average and were there for the taking. Off the ball not a bad performance but on it we need to be sharper and improve.
  19. zero pace in this team. Martin, Weimann, Wells - all so slow on and off the ball.
  20. Thought Bentley's positioning for the goal was poor, left that whole near-post open to shoot at. Unfortunate to fall back to Piroe for the rebound but just felt if he was more central Piroe might not have gone for that corner, could tell he checked it before he shot. Got to clear the ball in the first place though. We're getting the ball in good areas with Weimann and James but final ball lacking yet again. We're playing alright but just need to be a bit sharper. Worried about Simpson on a yellow with no Vyner on the bench. We can get back into this but still feel like we have a mistake in us and they could punish us.
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