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  1. Only player we have that can shift the ball and run past players and has shown his eye for setting up teammates. Goals will come with more game time. How much does £3-5m get you nowadays in terms of getting creative players? unless its a shot at a fairly unknown foreign player, not a lot. English premium will prop him up value wise if he improves in the next season which I'm sure he will under NP if he buys in to what he wants. Pearson has already said don't get ahead of ourselves in terms of an instant rebuild and in these financial circumstances I would keep and wait and see how this young man improves in our side. This boy has big potential.
  2. Any manager coming into this mess would have to go through the same bedding in period that Pearson is experiencing right now. If offered a deal to stay and he accepts that would surely show he is up to the challenge of trying to sort this shambles of a squad and its mentality out. Yes we have not played well under Pearson but we haven't played well under any manager since the first half of the 17/18 season so I don't see why people are going after our performances when we haven't deserved to win many games in years bar smash and grab results where it is debatable whether we deserve the points or not. I could name countless games where it has been like that home and away. I want this whole cosy mentality where everyone is safe to be binned and to see people fighting for the badge and not just pondering around waiting for the next paycheck.
  3. Thought we pressed well first half in good areas, why are we standing off and letting them play? speechless.
  4. This team has got nothing once we turn the ball over, no outlet to hold the ball up or spin away and create space. No-one running beyond to create space either, we don't hold on to the ball for more than 5 seconds it seems like.
  5. Think that list is very sensible with where we are and how attractive a proposition we are at this moment in time. Missed the boat in the summer, I think it will be Simpson or Appleton but I'd take Adkins or Lowe.
  6. Because you can't badmouth the almighty Steve Lansdown our lord and saviour. They're all as bad as each other.
  7. The way QPR played suited him to the ground. Bombing wingbacks, midfielders who ran beyond him like Chair and Ball. He has never been one to link up play like we need. He's there to pick up pieces and end attacking phases of play, very very similar to Weimann in that case. Not great on the ball unless its a first timed finish or within a couple touches. We don't have the players or style to suit him whatsoever. Been like since hes signed here.
  8. Dean Smith's Brentford had a wonderful attacking style with plenty of battling and exciting players to watch. Lee Johnson's Bristol City did not have that.
  9. Got a better chance of reaching the prem with Diedhiou up top instead of Martin and Wells
  10. Fully expect us to shit gold and rob a result and the cracks to be papered over for another week. Fam to the rescue again maybe.
  11. Fam would have gobbled up those looped crosses but hes useless apparently
  12. You could have 3 creative midfielders in the middle but if we are set up to play in front of teams then we ain't going to put teams on the back foot simple as. Bannan is this team wouldn't make a difference as when we get the ball we don't do anything with it and play it backways and sideways. No-one runs off the ball.
  13. Style. Our style is play in front of a team and hope to break them down and score from a ball from a wide area or pinch a goal from a set piece. The only players that I see run beyond players are Semenyo and even Nagy sometimes. The way we are told to play limits our attacking options because we are always in front of the opposition and never really putting them on the back foot. Take that with the midfielders and forwards we have. Wells doesn't go beyond players and just picks up scraps. Martin has as much movement as a wardrobe but he can link up players running beyond(which we have a lack of and don't play in that style). Fam is an on the shoulder striker but aerially and not as useful on the floor. Weimann is similar to Wells in that they score with a few touches and anymore than a few touches and attacks get stifled. Semenyo goes beyond but he's played out wide where he seems to get more space but if no one else is running beyond we go back and sideways time and time again. The style we play doesn't get attractive attacking football. We will stay in games and pinch them just like under LJ and it will be the same under Holden. When was the last time we had a player who could get on the ball and scare defenders and get them running back? Kodjia? I don't mind pinching games as all results are results but don't be surprised when teams get savvy to us (like today and every other January onwards for the last 3/4 seasons) and we can't change our style because we only play one way.
  14. That's what happens when you've got one style and can't change games up. We can go and pinch games like we usually do but when a team comes to do it to us we crumble. Usual stuff, happened under LJ and will happen under Holden too.
  15. Good performance but I must say we did the same under Johnson too. We need that extra outlet in these types of performances. You can't keep letting teams have that amount of the ball and hope to survive. I know we beat them lot across the bridge and can relish in it for a couple weeks before Derby but we've had very similar performances to that in the last 3 or 4 years and we didn't have that plan B when things start crumbling - January and beyond. I'm pleased with tonight but i'm not gunna get carried away, a better team with better attacking options instead of longball could have killed us off very easily with the amount of possession we were squandering.
  16. QPR team had players running up and down and around him all the time and it gave him plenty of chances per game. Our style doesn't suit him whatsoever. We paid an inflated price for a player that profits from a team's system and that doesn't suit our own. Simple as.
  17. Cant just scapegoat Pato when the rest of the midfield and the team weren't up to standard tonight
  18. Does seem to be better away from home where we have less time on the ball and i think he plays better when he doesn't have much time to think and plays on instinct and one or two touch plays. I think when we are the home side and have to break teams down he is found lacking in the midfield role. I swear every goal he has scored for us has been a first or second time finish. Would be interesting to see I think. Does seem to dawdle a fair bit and run into alleys far too often when we have more of the ball but he played well today.
  19. They will probably say everyone they interviewed wanted too much money for the COVID life we live in nowadays. They'll have their excuses I'm sure.
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