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  1. Such a baffling decision, why sack LJ in the first place if this was the plan? Utter shit show. Out the frying pan and into the fire
  2. Frank fielding rushing out and getting the red card cost us that game, plus a great free kick and header at back post in late injury time. Wolves down to 10 men after a heavy challenge on Magnússon first half? Totally agree though, things were never the same again, didn’t we get spanked 5-0 away at villa next game?
  3. Its like it’s been drilled into the players to pass the ball straight away. So many times today there was space to run into with the ball but the pass was made instead, a lot of times it’s 2 passes and the ball ends up back in exactly the same spot. They play like they are in a training match, nothing creative whatsoever, a tip tap passing game that any opposition who would have done their research can play against very easily.
  4. Anyone else think this years championship is one of the weakest in years? Once some key players are back I think we have a great chance for the plays offs. COYR
  5. Sure blackmail is illegal? Pretty interested to hear what it is though must be damaging for cotts to come out and make a statement about it.
  6. Anyone noticed famny has been called up to the Senegal squad for a game against none other than Brazil! If he outdoes mane then we all need to eat humble pie don’t we
  7. It paid off early doors with the goal. Granted some close shaves with conceding equaliser but we looked pretty solid at the back and got the 1-0. Some solid management surely?
  8. You know what, I thought the same when we had afobe. But now we haven’t we have to face up that he’s our best option. Opposition do their research and will man mark him making space for other players (equaliser against Brentford in week)
  9. The fact I’m the first reply speaks volumes about what people think about fammy But opinions aside it was a great cross and great header that no doubt gets done in training dozens of times each week. Great goal and got us the 3 points today. COYR
  10. I have to laugh when my 8 year old boys sing along to the kasey Palmer song adamant they know all the words. apparently it’s “Shanghai wife” I even managed to get away last year with another songs lyrics by saying “your buckets split” on repeat. Not this year though
  11. Bet it’s still fammy starting up front on his own tomorrow . I’m actually quite excited to see the midfield play now pack has gone. Great player for us, but my god some utter rubbish the last 6 months from him. Head never up and always looking for a sideways pass. COYR
  12. Anyone know if this will be pay on the day? Have to wait last minute to see if I can go
  13. You got it Perhaps palmer will be hand delivering the shirts tomorrow after he’s signed?
  14. My boys kits arrived today, order all wrong, 4 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of socks and no shirts. How on earth can you manage that And still no season cards for the 3 of us
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