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  1. I’m completely against the whole thing but this could be one benefit, better support for local clubs. A lot of my mates have already decided they’d be picking City over the gas.
  2. This is what completely turned me against Steve Lansdown. While your rental idea is a good solution it proves BCFC no longer own Ashton Gate. How on earth can we be in a situation where if he sells the club on its own we have to rent Ashton Gate? He has quite literally stolen our stadium, upgraded it now that it’s his, and most people lap it up and thank him.
  3. Anyone know the legal situation around permanently replacing Oxtoby during/after her maternity leave? Beard has proved to be vastly superior, if he wants the job surely it’s got to be his?
  4. I don’t know the details of DH’s contract, but I know that legally speaking a “12 month rolling contract” is one where it renews each year automatically at the end of the 12 month period (unless one party chooses not to). So if the reports are accurate that he’s on a 12 month rolling contract then yeah I’m sure. I assume the auto renewal date is the anniversary date? If he’s genuinely on a contract that always has 12 months left then that isn’t a 12 month rolling contract - and to be honest I’d be surprised as I’ve never come across such an employment contract in practice before.
  5. It’s a 1 year contract that will automatically be renewed if neither party opts out. It does NOT always have 12 months remaining. Many on here believes it does, it’s a common misconception.
  6. How often do we actually have more than 1 shot on target? Almost every game it seems to be 1 and occasionally 0. Other teams very rarely have such a poor amount yet we do this consistently?
  7. You're not correct on this. His contract does end after the 12 months. The fact it is “rolling” simply means that it is automatically extended or “rolled on” for another 12 months unless either party decide not to renew. There is no obligation on either side to pay compensation if either party doesn’t want to renew. So yes we can essentially “dismiss” him at the end of the season and pay no compensation by simply not renewing. It sounds as if it’s a common misconception that it’s an indefinite rolling contract - but it’s not. Source: https://www.mikethornton.xyz/rolling-employment-contracts/
  8. We are boring and gutless. 3 points from Birmingham, Rotherham, millwall, Preston, wycombe and Luton. A win against Blackburn amongst these games, so 6 points from 7 games - but that is still 3 points from 6 teams who quite simply like to put a foot in and work hard. Yet I’d hazard a guess that a lot of us expected such a poor return because we all know how gutless we are against such teams. What makes it worse is that gutless teams are usually entertaining and show a bit of flair. Boring teams don’t often get bullied. People brand Warnock as boring, and as debatable as that may be, how often do his sides get bullied. We are somehow both boring and gutless. We have been for a while.
  9. I disagree, he tends to be poor when he starts. Seems to be a lot more effective coming on as a sub.
  10. If Semenyo had any composure at all he’d be a terrific player and would score a lot of goals. Great on the ball, gets in the right areas, creates himself some chances out of nothing too. Must be a mental problem that he’s so anxious in front of goal, is this something that improves with age?
  11. I completely agree that it would’ve been a pen if he doesn’t dive, but as he dives before any foul is committed doesn’t that mean it’s not a pen?
  12. It’s a tough one but I definitely agree. Lansdown is a great safety net, we’ll never go bust with him, but he does hold us back so much. May be an unpopular opinion and I fully appreciate why people love the bloke, but I’ve wanted him gone for a while now.
  13. Maybe it’s my own fault because I know this happens every year and I know performances have been awful this season....but they still manage to build hope and knock it down. Makes me feel stupid for ever believing.
  14. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what do people see in this bloke? Loses it every time he gets it, awful player. Makes our attack so much worse, so dull to watch.
  15. Sure distance wise he was good, iirc Brownhill was half decent too. Neither used as effectively as they could’ve been though. I was thinking more of the simple short throw ins anyway. We never seem to take them quick enough, enabling the opposition to organise, and then never had enough movement to lose the marker. Having said that I don’t remember throw ins frustrating me so much this season so maybe we have improved?
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