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  1. Ohhh my mate who everyone said didn’t exists when I told everyone exactly how city worked behind the scene.... no one believed but yet Ashton n Johnson described it to a tee.... yh he busy on recruitment not manager appointment but he did say that it’s an option they considering. Someone big in the game to help a younger guy...
  2. So I’m hearing bringing Glenn to assist with a younger coach, as one of the options on table.....
  3. Thoughts? big name? Attractive for players to come? sure neiktah would of thought differently? just a thought with experience back room?
  4. Pep colet, Steven Gerrard, Martin o neill,
  5. On Saturday keep same team formation n swap smith for massengo (plays better away from home). paterson for Callum ( unpopular I know but maybe a rest would do him well with all games coming up n believe Callum offers protection) if Kalas fit surely for Williams? last one probably won’t happen but will we ditch 2 up front now? think Weimann should get used to bench as offers nothing and I could argue will we see again barring long term injuries ?
  6. They will go nuts on deadline day when we buy Clarke Harris for £301k
  7. Yh not experts in the sense that like my mate who only played to a certain standard and wasn’t an ex pro like some scouts are. clubs departments like ours are full of university graduates in sport, technology etc now don’t get me wrong city still will have scouts but there not used like before.. u think like eisa or Watkins or others once Ashton and Johnson I assume break the list down then they go n watch them.. my mate watches games live n footage in the office. Live he says u get a better feel but get distracted by other things so those it from home or laptop. If u think w
  8. @Bob Bob Super Bob I love to tell otib but I don’t know the answer of how many... considering 80/90% of this website mock me n have abused me I find this ‘tagging in’ strange... but I’ll try again... last time. city have a bunch of analysis/recruitment team behind the scenes, they are not scouts and purely work on a basis of percentages, data etc. rhey work under Ashton, my friend boss is Ashton. I can only speak what I know of his role so... his role is to find players that suit what we need so for example there are 3 types of players they analyse. 1) your quick fix typ
  9. Thought England did well to restrict South Africa after looked like game was getting away
  10. Mate still works there and is very busy at the moment
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