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  1. Utterly deflated after that, felt we'd wethered the storm in the 1st 10 mins of the second half, but just got deeper and deeper. Really not sure what to make of us anymore crap without the fans in and crap with them in, once our away form turns we could be in big trouble.
  2. Yeah will keep an eye on the weight loss I just never lose weight unless I run so seemed a bit odd, but like you say just being anxious and paranoid about every little thing at the moment. Completely get what you're saying in regards to the older generation of health care, but like you say isn't an excuse for poor care, even the weekend nurses have said I shouldn't be going to them cause they don't take patients from weston so that was a bit confusing. Know not patronising I do need to find something that helps me relax, city is my release at the end of a week but 16 games without a win at home doesn't help. That's great you've been clear for so long hopefully that's it for you, I'm a massive only fools fan so knew exactly that quote as soon as I saw it off to see the musical in London in Feb so can't wait for that. Might have seen a city win at home by then too .
  3. Hey man thanks for the response, yes that pain is something I never ever want to experience ever again, and whilst I'm really glad I'm out of it now, any little pain I get there I think it's coming back, did you find that you lost a lot of weight ? I've was 17st 4 before this ( used to run alot but with my depression lost all motivation for it and eating in lockdown didn't help ) but I'm not 15st 13lb, I do have my appetite back so worried now why I'm losing this weight ( another anxiety thing ). Luckily I think my wound has healed quiet nicely and I was meant to have my last appointment with the nurse Friday but it was cancelled so next and hopefully last will be Wednesday, I found some of the nurses were very helpful ( particularly the younger ones) where as the older ones just seemed to want you in and out as quickly as possible and by the time I'd been to the toilet a few hours later the packing had fallen out, felt very let down by the doctors too I appreciate its a very tough time for them atm but every patient is a separate case and just felt like it was easiest just to tell me it was piles and deal with it even though I was telling them it was not right Thanks again for the message and hope you're clear of any more experiences like This.
  4. Was feeling fine until yesterday have pain again in the same area doctor just keeps telling me to take what they've given me was hoping as this is my last week off work I'd at least be able to drive and get to the shops and get myself to the nurse's appointments and go and see my son on Wednesday but at this moment I won't be able to do that, very thankful to my girlfriend who is driving me about whilst working from home thank you for asking appreciate it
  5. Thank you luckily everything seems to be healing well, it's just where it's located making it difficult for them, my packing keeps falling out so not getting stuck thankfully just so glad to be out of pain. Just really hope that's it over, will definitely consider the walk in centre if for what ever reason the nurses can't see me.
  6. Thank you not in much pain anymore thankfully, Yeah saw a nurse on friday got told i don't know what they expext me to do this is impossible, i said oh great so what am i meant to do she said hope it heals on it's own, i have appointments everyday next week with the same person so hopefully she can do it or at least check it's not infected, she also gave me a number for weekend distrct nurse who would'nt see me as i was'nt reffered by my gp
  7. Hey everyone been really struggling recently already have depression and the last month health wise has been a nightmare, now i'll warn you this is'nt pretty so i apologise in advance, i went to the doctors about 6 weeks ago with pain in my rectal area, they told me nothing to worry about and was abit of constipation and they saw i had pile they gave me some laxitive to take and some cream, a week later i was in excruciating pain even though the powder was working, i rang the doctor again and they told me keep up the treatment a week after that the pain was unbareable calls to the doctor, 111, and a trip to a&e got me no where just got told change you're diet, but i was telling this pain was'nt right, tuesday last week i then started pouring with blood and had mucus and all sorts it was vile, finally 111 tell me go to hospital, to then be told i have blood infection and a burst abcess and would need a operation... this has been the worst month of my life i feel really let down by people who should be able to help even now i need bandages changed and been told by a nurse it's impossible to change and have to hope it does'nt get infected, even nurses in hospital said how bad it's got now with gp's not really caring to much they just want you in and out, have to rest for 2 weeks now and not over do it but i'm struggling emotionally and worry there is more to come with this.
  8. Sadly can't make today as had to have an operation in the week but listening in on the radio, shame han is out but nahki get's his chance let's hope we can get a positive result against probably the best team in the league. coyrs
  9. Got some great team's in there here's mine. Basso Amankwaah webster flint bell Tinnion brownhill Noble Abraham goater maynard Bench: bryan, reid, akinbiyi, shaun taylor, hartley, adomah and jet. Very attacking but had to get the attackers in there.
  10. Summary from me last night, that was the most positive forward thinking city display i have seen in a very long time, i said to my dad that we could rue our early chances and so it proved, just needed that clinical finisher and we would have been out of site, we continue to show the same positivity and commitment and we will be fine, lot's of good displays, massengo was stand out as has been mentioned on the other post hope nige persists with him but think king will get back in against cardiff.
  11. Looking forward to it my son's first match under the lights, he's only 6 and im not sure he get's what is going on half the time but does join in with some of the songs i change the rude words so he can enjoy them too, hopefully we can carry on from tuesday night and get the victory
  12. We sound great just how we should be playing, pring sounds like he's exactly what we've needed hopefully we keep it up, reading sound woeful though.
  13. Just heading back to the car not really sure how to feel after that, game was crying out for wells long before he came on, pearson finally came down to the dugout and we seemed to react wether it was his presence or wells introduction but we looked good, then we just get caught out and bang 2-1 and we never recovered thats my small summary of the game but lots of work to do, i felt people saying we would be relegation contenders was a tad harsh but having seen the last 2 league games there are concerning signs.
  14. Yes really hoping so, an away day always seems longer after a defeat. But positive we can get a win.
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