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  1. On sky red button. Save your cash, players haven’t earned our money after Bournemouth shambles
  2. Reading now trying to sign andy Carroll on top of drink water and all the others. These are not restrictive signings....
  3. How are reading able to sign halilovic, Baba Rahman And Scott Dann with a supposed wage restriction of £8.5k per player. All three of them would have been on way more than that....
  4. Stoke and QPR will make top 6 and/or challenge for title
  5. Our biggest hit will be on wells. Won’t get anywhere near what we paid for him and doubtful anyone would take on his 27k wages in full. Someone we need to get off the books however imo if we are to move forward
  6. Brownhill, David noble
  7. Only issue I have with semenyo is he never or rarely ever takes on his man on the outside. He is supposed to have pace, power, strength and trickery. When I’m a one on one situation, which he was on a few occasions tonight, does he not drop his shoulder and take his man on? May find more opportunities are created if he did! Can’t stand him just running inside crowding the middle and play ending up to nothing
  8. Sheff Utd after downgrade from QPR by all accounts. Can’t see them going for bentley and if they did, no reason why we can demand 15-20mill if they can sell a worse keeper for more.
  9. John swift masterclass incoming. Could be a tough watch
  10. BLRed


    Let not compare the legend that is Louis Carey with Vyner please
  11. BLRed


    IMO, vyner is not a championship defender. Should be back up at best or moved on when a replacement is brought in. Don’t buy into the emotional connection of being from our academy. He’s not good enough in specific positions but is average as an all rounder. We need far better. More pace, dynamism, athleticism and defensive ability along with the ability to put in accurate and intelligent crosses consistently. I’d go as far as to say Simpson is far from good enough either but accept his experience may be handy. The right back position, if not addressed before the window closes, will be a big cause for concern and a big reason why we may end up in a relegation scrap. This of course is just one issue amongst many others that need addressing but from the three games played this far, most of the goals conceded have come from that side I believe.
  12. Just a shame we still have a certain amount of our fan base who are either racist or just very small minded or both and can’t accept the purpose behind the action of taking the knee. It was clear to hear the boos that rang out but fortunately the majority drowned it out very quickly. Just disappoints me that it happened in the first place
  13. Question needs to be asked, will he be missed? No is the answer so it’s an easy sell, especially with minimal time remaining on contract. He has his pros but I think he will very quickly be forgotten, no disrespect intended
  14. I can see numerous that have joined yours already...
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