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  1. The big difference the two new coaches will provide is the ability to actually coach and develop our players Properly to get the best out of them. with LJ, it was always about him. Very egotistical with everything he did.
  2. Not keen on weimann myself but maybe could strike a good partnership in a two with wells. semenyo looks to have grown a lot and bulked up considerably. Always been a natural finisher at youth level although LJ said needs to work on box entries. hard to say given he hasn’t done much yet but could he be a viable replacement for fam. Power, height, finishing and pace. There is a real talent in there but needs good coaching and game time. If we’re going youth route, I’d like to see him given a chance
  3. I accept the experience argument but there is something to be said for the young, energetic And enthusiastic whereby they have no fear and in turn, you get the performances from them. I think we are underestimating the likes of Walsh, morrell and even massengo. The former two we have Barely seen play but look what they achieved at their loan clubs and morrell with his international performances to cap it off. Experience isn’t everything so long as the players have the talent and are guided the right way with a stable formation, way of playing, and a good environment to thrive.
  4. Sell paterson, o’dowda and watkins where poss or loan with a view to sell. Creates funds and clears space for players that need a chance like Palmer, szmodics, morrell and Walsh that would fit better in t system we want to play (3-5-2) need a new rwb (still hopeful of pereira) but a loan for someone like neco Williams as been mentioned before could be an option to compete with hunt and/or vyner. moore and vyner for me should play at the back with kalas or if we don’t move on Baker, then Baker and moore alongside kalas with vyner at rwb or on bench. want to see massengo get a ful
  5. Not seen it. Will check it out
  6. He’s just turned 17. Got an auto contract and tinnion told me over DM that it had been ripped up and a better one had been offered. other point to mention, Prince Henry isn’t on that list as an u-18 which suggests it is just listing new u-18 players and those that have moved to u-23 from 18’s. point stands though, why has benarous not been announced as a new u-23 as he is well ahead of his years
  7. Benarous. His agent says that list is for new players coming into the setup. surely benarous contract should have been announced for u-23’s as he’s been training with first team last season...
  8. Given that Walsh and morrell naturally are cm’s they will be more suited vs weimann and pato in those position and formation. what Walsh offers in addition is energy, ability to pass And dribble and a forward thinking brain. morrell can offer similar to walsh if not a little more subdued but will also offer more defensively to support the holding midfielder as he is one that like to get stuck in and reads the game well.
  9. Noticed Aliou Traore available does transfer or loan from Man Utd. Very highly rated holding midfielder. Suggestions he’s going to Caen in ligue 2. isnt that the kind of midfielder everyone is suggesting we need? Strong, powerful holding midfielder.
  10. My worry, if it does prove to be Holden in charge, is he continues with weimann and pato in those midfield roles as he probably felt they worked well. I didn’t like it at all. Felt like shoehorning players on for sale of it. whatever happens, I just don’t want the path blocked this season for the players like Walsh, morrell, moore et al
  11. Would be interested to see a 4-4-2 with narrow diamond in midfield. joe morrell heat map suggests he plays a lot left side of Cm. walsh plays a lot right side of Cm. massengo could be utilised as the screen infromt of defence to break up play and stop the ball carriers running straight at the defence. palmer then would sit at the top of the diamond behind Wells and one other whoever that may be. leaving a back 4 of Dasilva, moore, kalas and vyner.
  12. Can see the outgoing Dave is on about being Bakinson to plymouth as they loved him and as others said, possibly pring although pring could be trial with view to loan. bakinson hasn’t got anywhere near reckoning for our first team despite promise he has. Shame as I was or still am if I’m weong, hoping he succeeds with us
  13. Who’s this supposed unexpected youth release?
  14. Reading through the lines, this must mean that the new manager is confirmed and signed off on releasing him....
  15. If we do re-sign smith, then we don’t need another DM unless Nagy is sold but I would hope Korey isn’t a starter as he isn’t what he once was and IMO, morrell and Walsh would provide a real injection into our midfield so would prefer them to start over him.
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