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  1. Have you ever been badly managed? It’s very demotivating
  2. This is just dross. Irrelevant, nonsensical dross. It’s fine if you want to ignore facts and statistics for unfounded opinions, but is there any chance you can do it in your head?
  3. An incredibly simplistic take on the three scenarios. There’s far more nuance involved than the black and white of results and form.
  4. http://www.skysports.com/share/12183800 Lightening striking might not be the right analogy. Maybe fool me once is more appropriate. Albeit this is different teams, they’re from the same enterprise and run by the same management, who will be setting isolation protocol. Has any other club had as many outbreaks? Why are city getting so many cases? Does the example set by Holden at the 3 lions bear relevance 6 months later?
  5. Great news, fantastic stuff. Please do keep us looped as you encounter further thoughts throughout the coming days and months.
  6. Well it does. It matters if you set a good president and show people how to correctly manage the situation. A lot of the team are young and impressionable and will follow the lead of the leader. That’s why I am still baffled by them actively marketing the focal point of the whole club being seen in the pub not adhering to social distancing.
  7. Unfortunately this is proving to be correct. Lightening doesn’t strike twice. Bristol sport would appear to have been very lax and now we could have several players out for a minimum of derby and Watford, potentially much longer than that. They must have a fiscal worth per point won, I wonder how much penny scraping will cost us in these upcoming games.
  8. You, err, seem to be contradicting yourself there. As a, presumably, responsible adult you really ought to know better. Infection spreads quickly, hence 50 million people having caught it. There’s no minimum time criteria, and there’s no loophole that will stop it getting you. Don’t make shit up because it suits you.
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