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  1. Before I wrote anything, he's an outstanding coach, I'm simply talking about levels of greatness ............ Too often pep beats pep, at the highest level it takes genius to beat him or pep himself. In my opinion, when assessing greatness the first is acceptable, the second less so. He beat himself v Leon last year, and the same v Chelsea this year. There are also few managers who can spend 17mil on a keeper then replace without even needing to sell first. Great coach, changed the game, of that there is no doubt. But in terms of absolute greatness I would put him just below peak clough, peak Jose, peak sir Alex and even peak simeone. Many will disagree i am sure, but in the biggest games, In the biggest moments they thrive, while pep has a too common a habit of popping over the insanity/genius line
  2. The turtle


    I'm sure I could delight others in running a decent amount slower than a snail. Though I should add, this article spoke to me: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2021/may/20/this-runs-for-you-will-losing-a-friend-and-learning-not-to-hate-jogging
  3. Hopefully Mallorca will have enough about them to stay up next season. The fact they are up in mid May also gives them a chance to get some players in unlike last time. Any chance you know what division fc Baleareas have been promoted too? There seems to be a new division between segunda, and segunda b or is it two segunda divisions? ATB achieved their sixth consecutive win and won their place in the Primera RFEF or Liga PRO. Next year the club will be in one of the two groups of 20 that will make up the new league. I'm lost utterly lost.
  4. Over a lap of honour at that Just so needless
  5. Right back. "big man" up top Dm Lino Just don't ask me to use my left foot or score goals regularly though I did manage 8 in 8 once
  6. For those that haven't seen it, there is a great football Derby series on youtube. It goes pretty deep into what makes a derby, introduces you to both places/areas/teams and gives you a clear feel for what they are about, and of course the history. This is one of the best of the bunch in my opinion. (there are many worth watching in the whole series) Enjoy N.B they range from 20mins to 1 hour.
  7. That entire season was special, just riding a wave from start to finish, whenever we lost, it was just onto the next one. As fans you can't ask for more than the players gave that season and there was a connection because of it. (not just effort, not just winning, but magic + memories) But we just fell short over 46 games and just fell short in the play offs. I really went to Wembley 100% convinced we were winning, just as I saw frazer Campbell get pulled wide and thought danger had passed. Ps. Wow we scored some great goals over the 2 legs
  8. I'm absolutely on board with that. ....... Ponferradina is also basically the swindon in our league, in that best reason for living there is the fact it is close to a lot of cool places.
  9. I believe its where the 4 towers business complex is now
  10. Epic see-through masks it must be said. I mean they look so real.
  11. But 3-0 I stopped caring how many they scored. But with the performance I can feel it in my mood, I care. I don't want to, tell myself it's not worth it. But I care.
  12. It was written all over his face
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/feb/09/texas-lawyer-zoom-cat-filter-kitten I'm not a cat
  14. When teams prepare for us the week/days before the game, what do you think our strengths are considered to be? Mccarthy was pretty clear he saw our left side was weak, we all know it. We have also struggled for years with teams that sit in. Furthermore, Both v Brentford and Cardiff in different ways we knew what was coming, couldn't stop it. But what are our strengths? , what are the things teams have to stop us from doing or we'll punish them?
  15. Knew there was a game, knew what was coming, kidded myself this would be different as will next week, watched it anyway, drifted into inevitable, put myself in a bad mood. Been outplayed 3 weeks in a row, By 3 different ways of playing Derby no identify, pitch slogfest Brentford enough said Cardiff the power game Now looking down rather than up. Wondering when we'll have an identity that is good to watch. That's football. Mostly lows or annoyances sprinkled with the odd high.
  16. To my Shame I was once rather too close to swapping Madrid for the magic roundabout. Lucky escape
  17. Bobby 'Shadow' Williams What a name .. Peacock is essentially the highest scorer this century with 0 appearances in the 90s Must be close between him and Murray for top scorer this century.
  18. Who I think Packers Ravens Chiefs Saints Who I would like Rams Bills Chiefs/browns (torn between theories here) but I guess Chiefs Saints
  19. Resilient, hard working, defensive cohesion. Somewhere dull and boring going forward, yet at times clinical A number of times this season, I've felt like, we've won; that's all that matters. I feel we are stronger mentally this season which is a massive plus. But I wouldn't call it wonderful football, yet anyway.
  20. After 9 years, I still can't
  21. Moves and counter moves. What you've described is basically for me the joy of sport.
  22. You don't change, you double down. Change players, but you certainly don't change formation and tactics. For the last few years, we've had a plan B, c, D, e,f. Guess what we didn't seem to have: identity. They best teams are where everybody knows their role. They can have evolving jobs down to game management, but everyone knows. Last night was down to a lack of changes and tiredness. That's down to a management phylosophy of continuity from which they'll have to learn. Double down, build an identity. Then live or die by it. Now is not the moment to abandon it.
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