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  1. When I was younger (I'm 36) it used to annoy the hell out of me. However Swindon supermarine Bradford pa Bristol rovers. That's their level now Otib is not just an insult, it's a reality.
  2. It wasn't the normal guy, to be honest he's part of the furtiture now, over time he's found a balance on commentary. I actually miss him when it's not him. On Wednesday it was someone different , and I believe a player from the woman's team. I'm always reluctant to criticise, because at the end of the day it's 150 for the season. If it doesn't exist I don't have anything. Not to mention, it's people doing the best they can. But all the same, a football commentary needs to feel like something close to actually commentating. On Wednesday if there had been a crowd only option I would have taken it. (N.B the last minute goal probably did not help my mood towards the who commentary either)
  3. Some of it is terrible. On Wednesday for example. It was two people commentating who had simply never prepared for that job. It's feels to me as though cutting as many corners as possible, but a good excuse to get those ads in.
  4. Nice work. Skuse and Newman stats are quite amazing really.
  5. Exactly, but with all gaps filled in, here for example 1966-1969 is missing, so the the full lineage is not complete.
  6. Just for kicks, how would you choose to fill out the non Carey months? Who in that year fills the gap?
  7. This is true... But there is the part before you scan the pitch. Those moments in tight areas of the pitch with split seconds to make a decision. Etc etc You are probably correct, tbh I've always doubted it, just always been led to believe pros would find it massively difficult in the same socks.
  8. It's probably a mis conception, but I've always understood the first thing a pro player sees is socks. And then the shirt. The shorts is/was more for TV.
  9. Yesterday, I went to the Wanda to see atletico. (nothing like cheering a last min goal for city just as a home player gets sent off) But back to topic Outside the stadium they have something really cool, they have 8 players up on banners. Example: Player A = 1949-1960 Player b = 1958-1971 Player C = 1970-1983 Player d = 1981-1993 Etc etc... The history of the club fully linked with just a few players. Which got me thinking, who would make your list for city linking 1950 to today (with the simple rule, you are trying to use as few players as possible)
  10. The NB made genuine comedy gold. Made me actually laugh out loud.
  11. Does atmosphere matter at all or is it simply something that makes fans feel better, feeling part of it? Stoke pre prem/early pre prem was an incredible atmosphere. Liverpool on a European night under the lights. They are the two that come to mind when I think of atmosphere adding to the team. However there are many examples of clubs being successful with no home atmosphere. (eithad is not exactly known to be roaring, bernabeu barely gets out of bed for a league game) Furthermore, If you think the atmosphere really does matter, are fans also to blame for the fact city haven't won at home for so long. Could fans also be doing more? How much of an impact as fans do you think atmosphere has on a game?
  12. It's beauty of the draft for me. It doesn't matter who wins the lottery. I WIN Ps if foles starts before fields this year after Dolton, FIRE EVERYONE CONNECTED with Chicago
  13. Warner went to the arizona too don't forget. Don't forget the packers too in playoff time. I've been more attracted to certain players Nfl wise I guess. This year Jets = afc Bears = nfc Plus the giants of new York of course Maybe ill stick with those for the next 15 years. Hey, least I don't follow Brady.
  14. I'm all about the Jets train this year. Build this year Superbowl next @elhombrecito I called it long ago
  15. Most be one hell of a roof he lives on
  16. I will see them on Sunday 5th December J-E-T-S jets jets jets
  17. Basso Carey Caulker Newman brennan Hartley tinnion Adomah noble Murray dziekanowski Adomah and Murray could switch wings however they want.
  18. What more than anything drive me insane about him was his inability to kick past the halfway like. Was that to do with being unfit, or did he always lack power? Time after time teams knew win that head and the counter was there.
  19. Much like barca with unicef, the damage has been done in disguise. That stadium will be sponsored, and it won't be long.
  20. That's pretty brutal for where we are in the season. Not sure I'm a fan of honesty over unity.
  21. In Spain they do a commemoration at every ground before first game of every season for those lost in the last year. The music is extremely eerie to say the least
  22. While I don't think he was great last night, I mean we were desperately crying out for subs and change. At any point after HT Sandro /saka/Grealish for Mount Henderson for tripper Go 433 Or Sandro /saka for Mount Grealish for trippier 4213 Just two examples. My problem with last night is he was reactive not proactive. Changing nothing until after they scored. Something he must learn from, stay on the front foot, not fear ........... However, you simply cannot judge the success of a manager based on a Final penalty shootout... He's been in charge of two tournements in which we have a semi and a final appearance.. In my opinion, he's earnt the right to do whatever he wants in the next tournement
  23. There is evidence out there which says those that take pens independent of the keeper have more success than those that are dependent on the keeper. I was surprised rashford took his keeper dependent as he's taken some high stakes pens (psg) and smashed them in.
  24. My goodness, quite simply knockout business end football isn't for you. And as for this nonsense, does this apply to every player that's ever missed a pen ever? What about the two Italians last night, should they leave the national team in disgrace too? Just harsh to the absolute extreme. Its like you think they did it on purpose.
  25. For me personally, it's my grandad. Went to all city games with him growing up. Spent many many holidays watching cup finals and play off games in bars. As he go older and the radio was his channel to city, Wednesday night visits would the time to discuss city. Tomorrow would have been massive to him.
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