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  1. Let's hope and pray we're not allowed in next season then
  2. I'll be in denial regarding Holden's appointment until anything is announced but you have to question what the board have been doing for 5 weeks to then appoint the bloke who's been mentored by the manager who we've just sacked. Really isn't good enough from mine and many other fans' point of view I'm sure. Ashton Gate will be more than half empty next season and thats not just because of social distancing measures...
  3. I think it's safe to say that it could go either really well or it will end in tears. But why take that risk when there are managers out there managers out there that are proven in this league?
  4. I don't think Maccabi Tel-Aviv were paying the same sort of money as clubs in Qatar.
  5. Best player: Webster by a country mile and worth mentioning what he got out of Bobby Reid. Not been too many bad players, most of them you have to say were a complete waste of time and money though like Diony, Kent, O'Neil, Henriksen etc. Best games: Any of the Fulham away games, coming back to win 3-2 at Hull, Blades away for the past two seasons, the games against the Manchester clubs. Worst games: Fulham at home 2017, 3-3 at home to Sunderland, 5-0 vs Preston.
  6. I think we'll do well tempting Jokanovic away from his healthy paycheck in Qatar...
  7. krxs97


    The best keeper we've had here in years imo, can't think of a mistake he's made.
  8. I think they key point is that ever since midway through the 17/18 season, we've not improved whatsoever. Not necessarily been getting any worse, but we have stagnated for 3 years. The football has been dull and results uninspiring, all of this whilst spending tens of millions on improving the squad but clearly its not showing on the pitch.
  9. Even though a good home atmosphere is a rare find these days, our's is made even worse by the dire home performances we've been served up over the past two years IMO. Whether that's a good excuse or not, I still think that plays a part.
  10. I think some seem to be forgetting that every big signing we've made so far (minus Bentley), was with us at the end of last season. So we have not 'upgraded' compared to teams around us. Having said that, you have to trust LJ and MA to bring in big names with the Webster money.
  11. Why do i get the feeling that this 6pm news isn't going to go down very well? My moneys on a minimalist robin badge with an emoji on it
  12. How about you try to start a chant in the upper Lansdown and report back after Bolton (H)?
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