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  1. It’s a 20 minute read so goes into a lot of detail about his time there, some good but a lot of it not so good. General gist is he’s difficult to work with and throws his players under the bus after games.
  2. Interesting article posted on the athletic that says a bit about the man Monk is posted a few days ago (as do the comments!).
  3. Putting it out there but I can see Forest dropping out of it completely.
  4. I thought you didn’t think about players once they had left?
  5. To be fair he got a big clap when he was walking over to take a corner near S82, then as soon as the action started he was booed. Think that was a fair thing to do. At the end of the day he plays for the other team.
  6. Don’t mind it normally, but in the current climate it’s a bit silly.
  7. Oh yeah with you there. But when they were on form they played some of the best football I’ve seen.
  8. Good. That team was sexy to watch.
  9. Which pub is it? You’ll be fine in the rose And the fat walrus but I’d avoid the rest.
  10. I’ve noticed this. Very poor.
  11. Didn’t Kalas lose his place in the team when at Borough and Fulham, and they both went on to get promoted? Omens and all that
  12. My mate was down here for the first time and loved it.
  13. You’re prior posts have confirmed that you are indeed a knob.
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