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  1. Said on main site that it was open from 5
  2. what type of boat do you have ?
  3. WhaT happened to the boycott or is that all Sunderland fans ?
  4. Not a great lover of rap (58) but I thought was blinking good
  5. I take that you are a doctor, solicitor, brain surgeon or such like career
  6. And the problem with a warehouseman from Avonmouth is ???
  7. I thought that the actual attendance was between 15 and the 16 thousand
  8. Sorry put this in the wrong thingy, it's for our end
  9. Mate died last week , massive city fan.The funeral is on the 2nd (drive by Ashton Gate about 1-00) I know that I am not going to wake up until sometime Saturday afternoon so if anyone would like my ticket let me know .Face price of course (sorry Ju not you , you'll be there anyway )
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