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  1. First of I want to start by saying I like Nathan Baker as a person and player, I might not have resigned him for the injury record as I go back to reading Fergies comments saying you always want 2 reliable centerbacks as it the most important area you don't want to chop and change. I actually think he's been not bad this season, my big concern is the balance of the defence .. Where is our Organiser/Leader in the back 4 ?... who has the game intelligence (Fevs ) to read the game and sniff out the danger before it happens.. tell or younger full backs to get out and close down the wide men .. warn Bakinson & Massengo to not lose the runners .... I always hear about how great Webster was bringing it out from the back (which he was) but what has been evident since his departure was his reading of the game skills and organising and marshalling those around him ..... for me that became clear last season as it's not kalas's strength ... for the older mob they are both the Lawrenson to the Hansen or the Pallister to the Bruce ... in citys case a organiser in Louis Carey or Shaun Taylor especially if we were always going for big Rob as while i think he's a really good signing and can hopefully get better with but it's a unfair ask "by the way you've got to jump up a division and organise everyone as well .. same with Pring (first year in championship) & even more so with Tanner ... all three players have performed well from where they are in there journey. I've never felt Vyner was that type to organise and Cundy I've never seen play so don't know if thats in his locker but yet again a big ask as it would be first time in championship. I can't help but feel our talented youngster's are being let down by no pitch leadership ... our experienced players might be good pros but i just dont see them as readers of the game ... Maybe Nige was hoping that James, Simpson and Andy King would fit that bill but you've got to be good enough (James aside)to deserve a playing spot first .. I love listening to the 3 peeps boys (thanks so much for doing it .. loving your work ) on the recurring should Dan Bentley be captain or Matty James .. I keeping thinking isn't it sad they are only the two viable options ... most decent teams I've watched down the years have 3/4 of those types plus a few of the leading by performances e.g. Kalas/Wieman etc.
  2. Completely agree with " But in an energetic 352 that started the season, where do Brunt and Lansbury fit in for example? " ... I'd also add if you go for this energetic high press then why do you buy Chris Martin ? that's not his game.. his strength is all about hold up play on the ground.
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