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  1. I've heard he signed pre-contract agreement with the Gas - he's desperate to work with Joey Barton
  2. Who was that Egyptian player we very nearly almost signed?? Massive hyping, 100+ pages on here..
  3. Rovers have got loads of Bell Ends
  4. I no longer "hate" Rovers - I used to, but not anymore. I just find them hilarious. I do look out for their results though, love it when they lose, their relegation has been the best thing to happen this season, and I'd be there if we draw them in a cup. They are so shite it's unbelievable, and their fans are ridiculous. Rovers are as relevant to City as Notts County are to Forest, or Port Vale are to Stoke. I do hate Cardiff though, with a passion. Best moment ever was Scott Murrays iconic goal celebration in this derby victory:
  5. Cardiff. Used to be Rovers a few decades ago.
  6. Brennan was as good as Bell, Scott & Barnard, in my opinion. They had the common good fortune of playing with the excellent Brian Tinnion in front of them - he tutored them well. Not sure whether Tinnion had much influence on Joe Bryan’s development, but wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved somewhere.
  7. Joe Bryan is, and was, a fantastic player - I just don't get some of these negative comments in this thread. We've been blessed with some great left sided players over the years, and he's right up there in the top ten for me. Would love to have him back.
  8. Feel sorry for those two kids at the front - look at what they're going to become. And his mum / sister / gran (who can tell) doesn't look too prowed of him either.
  9. I want Barnsley to win the play-offs, and the reason is their fans have a flag with Kes on it.
  10. My favourite chants when we were beating them 4-1 at home during the John Ward promotion season: "You're Sh1t, and you stink of fish, you're Sh1t, and you stink of fish", followed up by a rousing chorus of "Come in a trawler! You must have come in a trawler! Come in a trawler, you must have come in a trawler!, etc, etc"
  11. Wasn't he one of 3 players we got from Chesterfield (Dyche, plus that goalie - forgot his name) after their FA Cup run. All of them were a bit injury prone if I remember rightly.
  12. Best 3 sportsmen playing for the same team at the time - Ian Botham, Viv Richards and Joel Garner. At the time (and possibly all time) worlds greatest all rounder, worlds greatest batsman and worlds greatest fast bowler.
  13. Hahaha - the circus keeps rolling on.. “Sportsmail understands legal action is being considered and lawyers have been contacted after Barton accused the pair of negligence and labelled their training sessions a 'farce'.”
  14. When talking to Gas mates (yep, I do have some) best way I've found for taking the piss is to tell them that Cardiff are our rivals now - tell them that they no longer matter. Occasionally ask them how they're doing, or who their manager is these days, pretending I don't know. Really frustrates them. Then drop in something along the lines of "when's your next derby match against Cheltenham?" and they really start frothing with anger - how could a Ted not know or cares about them anymore??! Bless 'em!
  15. On the plus side to our City's terrible public transport, it's probably one of the reasons we have got off relatively lightly with Covid compared to all the other major cities where people actually do have and do use decent public transport. As we haven't been able to use tube trains, trams or properly routed frequent buses our covid infection rate has been well down!
  16. I've got the same class of diesel as you - bought it as it was supposed to be eco friendly at the time - so hardly pay any tax. I wont be able to afford a new car, so will have to stack up £9 fines each time I head across the Cumberland basin. Where's the incentive to be able to afford a new even more eco-friendly car?
  17. What a great, positive, story. I'd welcome him back with open arms if the situation ever arose that we could tempt him back to Ashton Gate.
  18. Average league positions over time: http://alltimeleaguetable.co.uk/ Bournemouth are punching well above their weight at the moment, and have been for a few seasons - they've been massive over-achievers lately. Whereas we are exactly in our average position at the moment. Hate to say it, but mid-table 2nd tier is our natural home.
  19. If only we'd won that FA Cup final in 1909 things may have turned out different...
  20. Wish I was 29 years young guess I should announce my retirement from international football (even as a goalkeeper!)
  21. Why isn’t Wiemann in the Austria squad?? Who’s keeping him out of it? Would have thought he’d be in it on current form.
  22. “Junior Bent winning header” is not something I’d ever thought I’d see written down! Really?? Must have been a very low cross..
  23. It's true though. Not only did the EU bring in VAR, they also allowed the Aussies into the Eurovision Song Contest.
  24. Hmmmm - Fruit Market in St Philipp’s Marsh - surrounded by high flood risk zone on all sides. That’ll be easy and quick to get past the lightening quick Environment Agency for planning approval. Years I’d suggest.
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