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  1. That looks like it hurt.
  2. Cardiff fans taking it well…
  3. Apparently there was a ticket purchasing leak that said we have Burnley Away first game of the season.
  4. Not so much a new kit but I’m out in Tenerife at the moment and couldn’t help but recognise their goalkeeper kit…
  5. Bristolcityhqs on Instagram has said it’s reportedly a done deal, and he’s usually pretty spot on with his transfer news…
  6. As a Wycombe resident I’ve got to say them. Going to the final next Saturday with a load of mates. Can’t wait.
  7. Are there any half decent referees in the EFL? That’s a definite red for the defender and instead they win the foul? Disgraceful.
  8. 'An Evening with Silk Sonic' is my Album of the year. Been on repeat since it was released.
  9. I had a lucky odd pair of socks that I had worn for 5 games with 4 wins and a draw. I was wearing them for the Euros final. They are now in the bin.
  10. Just arrived in Gibraltar wearing my city shirt and the guy who did my COVID test is a city fan and started shouting Bristol out the window at me . Told him the score. Small world.
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