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  1. 'An Evening with Silk Sonic' is my Album of the year. Been on repeat since it was released.
  2. I had a lucky odd pair of socks that I had worn for 5 games with 4 wins and a draw. I was wearing them for the Euros final. They are now in the bin.
  3. Just arrived in Gibraltar wearing my city shirt and the guy who did my COVID test is a city fan and started shouting Bristol out the window at me . Told him the score. Small world.
  4. Where’s the poo reaction gone? I have never seen a more worthy post. Cheer up. We just scored an extra time winner away.
  5. Enjoy him while he’s here. Cos unless we tie him down (which will be difficult) he ain’t gonna be here long. Outstanding today. Love him and his massive hair.
  6. My first game back post COVID. Picked a good’un.
  7. I have never seen anyone get Dasilva's name so wrong
  8. Swap Kalas out for Diony and I think you're spot on with this.
  9. Was Williams on the nose candy last night? There’s a sniff every 10 seconds on Robins TV?
  10. He is past his best. But he is still the worlds (second) best, just not as good as he was at Madrid.
  11. Got to be Aden Flint. He scores goals, is a man mountain so would surely be decent in goal and a very solid, no nonsense defender. Think he could do a job
  12. Basso Carey Webster Flint Bryan Brownhill Noble Adomah JET Reid Abraham very attacking but who cares.
  13. ‘Would imagine there more to it than that, I did hear he 'manhandled the Steward.‘ Don’t know the validity of this but I saw the same image posted on a Facebook group and someone responded with this. Would make a bit more sense.
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