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  1. The ball from Lee Tomlin's penalty against Burton has just re-entered earth's atmosphere and crash-landed onto the pitch.
  2. "Fammy misses a sitter" (So glad I won't be hearing that ever again)
  3. 20.12.2017 - Bristol City 2-1 Manchester United 23.12.2017 - QPR 1-1 Bristol City 24.12.2017 - Johnson Out
  4. It really is such a disadvantage kicking second in a shootout. Wish they went back to the ABBA system as that seemed to produce more even results. Why did they get rid of it in the first place? If you win the toss you've won half the battle already IMO. All three shootouts in this tournament were won by the team kicking first and there is further evidence over the years to back this up. Despite this however, Italy were clearly deserved winners over the course of the match and tournament as a whole. Congratulations to them.
  5. Mainly the youngsters like Scott and Britton to be honest and seeing how they develop. But of the probable regular starters then it's the new signings like Atkinson and James but also the likes of Weimann. Hoping he will be like a new signing after coming back from injury. He certainly can have his exciting moments. And who knows O'Dowda might even surprise and excite us this season if he finally kicks on and gets into some good consistent form. It's certainly long overdue!
  6. Christ, that was a bad challenge.
  7. Over the last few months I've tried pretty much every one from my local Tesco's and my recommended 0%s would be Erdinger, Shipyard Low Tide, Bavaria, Heineken and Adnams Ghost Ship.
  8. At home. Since lockdown I've been on the non-alcoholic beers and I'll be honest it's been blooming brilliant not having a stinking hangover the following day. So will buy a pack of Bavaria 0% or a few bottles of Erdinger 0% and kick back on the sofa and (try to) enjoy the game.
  9. In my opinion Shaw was treated disgracefully by Mourinho while at United. He singled him out for nasty public criticism time and time again. It's obviously affected him mentally. I say fair play to him for going public himself now by saying he's had enough as Mourinho clearly and unfairly still has some deep-rooted issues with him. To be honest I'm actually glad that Jose has had a taste of his own medicine for once.
  10. I'd be interested to see a poll on this. Seems like it's roughly a 50/50 split of opinion.
  11. Might as well just do away with two legs altogether then. The away goals rule kept two legged ties exciting in my opinion. Yet again another poor decision which I feel will make European football worse and less enjoyable.
  12. Let us be totally clear. After an extremely vigourous process we came to the conclusion that he was indeed an outstanding human and the right fit for this football club.
  13. This feels to me like one we could miss out on if it doesn't happen soon. Let's meet in the middle at 1.7m and just get it done. If Oxford are unwilling to negotiate then just leave it and move onto other targets.
  14. Sky Sports reporting that Oxford are set to reject our 1.4m bid and are looking for in excess of 2m.
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