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  1. Well as Cook is now out of the running apparently, I think Holden is being used as a smokescreen and Neil will be appointed. Which the majority of fans would be content with as at least it won't be Holden.
  2. I can't stand it either. Football is a game of two halves, not a game of four quarters. It breaks up the momentum and flow of the game. Professional footballers shouldn't need so many breaks in a match IMO.
  3. It's past midday so wouldn't count anyway
  4. I still think it will be either Cook or Neil with Holden as assistant
  5. I have a feeling that Dean Holden could stay on in some capacity if Neil is appointed. Holden and Neil did their pro-licence course together and apparently get on well. Could be good to have that continuity running through the club I feel.
  6. The dark arts is part of the game and something we have definitely lacked over the years. If it means we win games then I'm all for it. Preston play brilliant football at times too.
  7. Out of likes but spot on.
  8. It appears that they are trying to keep him under wraps as nothing has been mentioned about him being on the shortlist. Despite this he is one of the favourites in the betting. It looks to me as though he could be our man.
  9. I'm not sure how much longer I can cope with Btentford...
  10. I think the same. Haven't heard a whisper about him in the last week or so but I think if he is one of those on the shortlist he has a great chance.
  11. Gregor said Hughton, Cook and Holden are shortlisted along with 2-3 others. Who do you think these are? And I wonder why nothing yet has come to light about their identities...
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