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  1. I think we all know that Pearson would have an idea if Cundy is a first team prospect or not. Do you think he hasn't watched videos of his loan spells, talked to various contacts he trusts etc?
  2. I wonder if out inability to defend our 6 yrd box is partly due to his lack of dominance in the area!
  3. Didn't he turn down WBA in the summer?
  4. It's to our clubs shame that TC hasn't been honoured before his passing. Let's hope now in these ever increasing corporate times, that the club can find a fitting, long lasting tribute to the great man. My first game was under Terry. We were bottom of the old fourth division, home to Blackpool, nil all game, Tom Ritchie missed a penalty if memory serves. Next season was promotion, and we had our club back. Exciting times, entertaining football always at home, Pritchard, Walsh, Neville, Riley etc. Mostly invincible at the Gate. R. I. P Terry Cooper.
  5. People stressing out on a pre season training game. Remember Tinnion's pre season results? Means very little to how the season will start.
  6. I think Appleton is a decent coach. He made a few wrong choices earlier in his coaching carreer, jumping ship too often. I'd be fine if he was to be appointed, can't see him leaving Lincoln til end of season tho. We need someone now, otherwise it's back to league 3 in my view.
  7. I personally can't see SC going there long term. Maybe on a rest of season contract similar to his Notts County deal. He will keep them up, I have no doubs about that, but demand a hefty pay and or bonus for doing so. I guess Rovers fans will finally see the ambition of their owner now, or not, on whom they appoint....waddock, and it's heading back towards non league!!
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