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  1. I'm joining you guys from tomorrow. Not expecting too much of a change as I've been camped in the darkest corner of the office for the past 3 months running projects anyway. I also prefer the company of the cats over colleagues - for now at least.
  2. One Vision - Queen. I seem to remember this for some reason from maybe early 00's, possibly a half time thing rather than the start of the match though. There was another song we used to play coming out for the 2nd half at a similar time but the song annoyingly escapes me.
  3. This has a Diedhiou red card written all over it for so many reasons.
  4. I'd love to see how many people would agree with this stance if it was Mourinho rather than Klopp.
  5. Once had a mate who came down the City but didn't come when Man Utd were playing. I always remember him leaving the game against Norwich in 2008 at half time. This was the game where Brooker scored that late goal to send us top of the league and was one of the best parts of that season (playoffs aside),. I cannot compare those celebrations to those he must've had when he got home to watch the teatime Man Utd game on Sky.
  6. This one bothered me the most. It look's like a perfectly timed run by Pukki. I don't think it's just the eventual decision that is killing off goals either. I doubt you can pull any stats to back it up (it might not even happen) but I worry that strikers may now leave themselves a little more work to do with their runs to make sure they aren't subject to the dreaded VAR lines.
  7. I've been off the radar a little so I'm sure this gift was picked up at the original article date of 12th December but they had quite a funny reminder yesterday. Since they can no longer pass tickets through the fence, they're saving the pennies through purchasing Junior tickets instead. The club has become increasingly aware of reports of adult supporters entering the stadium on Junior tickets. Numerous reports over the past few games have been made of adult supporters gaining access to the stadium on concession tickets. This act, not only represents a breach of ground regula
  8. I'd be screaming penalty if it happened against us down the gate and at first watch I thought it was as clear a penalty as you can get. After watching it a few times, I think the ref made a very good call in tough circumstances. You can see their attacker slowing down and moving in COD's direction rather than charging towards goal with the ball. He knew exactly what he was doing and the ref didn't buy it. Simple as that. All in all, it's a lot of fuss over a penalty that Bentley probably would have saved anyway.
  9. One of those rare occasions where even the auto correct can't even save you.
  10. I accidentally missed a season ticket Direct Debit payment last season and I got an email the following day. They can be quick...
  11. It's a funny one isn't it. I get grief occasionally for liking Coldplay. I was never a big fan of them but then I went to see them at the Emirates a number of years back and was blown away. For a band that are regularly labelled depressing/boring, they had absolutely everybody dancing and smiling. The chanting of Viva la Vida was going on all the way to the tube station and beyond after the gig.
  12. Manchester has it right. Despite it normally being one of the longest journeys, my last 3 gigs have been there through choice. It's in the centre and the train/tram station is part of the arena. Even the time I drove up, I made it to Manchester at around half 7 - about the time the first act was coming on. There was no traffic and I even parked directly opposite the Arena in a fairly sparse car park that charged just £3.50 for a whole days parking. That city has taken a great deal of my money over many a long weekend. I can't see an Arena out in Filton having quite the same pull.
  13. Joe Bryan's was very good that same season too. Enjoyed using both of their cards.
  14. Much of the same here. I normally get a couple of hours in 2 nights during the week and have a bit of a marathon on a Saturday night if there's boxing worth staying up for at stupid o'clock. That's pretty much all of the free time I get. Not sure how they resolve the Rivals issue. Offering better rewards for the higher divisions might help a bit but if there are easy ways to break the system, they'll always be abused. The idea behind Rivals was that you play players of a similar level/rating as yourself, I've barely had a single close game one way or the other. If I remember rightly, I th
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