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  1. Feels like it's going to destroy the whole season as Ferrari were at least close to matching the pace of the RB with their bouncing but surely won't touch them if they have to raise the ride height. Unless these teams suddenly find a way to resolve it, it could be a very boring season. Small crumb of comfort is that at least after Canada, we go to a few actual racetracks rather than street circuits where the bouncing seems to be contained.
  2. InCyder

    RIP Tinners

    Such sad news. A real gent. There was a spell around 8/9 years ago where I was going to the gate on my own and I'd usually go into what's now the Rising Sun for a drink beforehand. Without knowing the man personally beforehand, Tinners would always come over and have a 5/10 minute chat as I propped up at a table somewhere. I was going through such a tough patch at the time and i'd go as far as saying that without those little chats, I wouldn't be sure that I'd have continued to take myself down to the football. RIP Tinners
  3. I feel like they'd have been ok with it. Would've been another sold out away game and provided them a reason to spout how they would've travelled in their thousands if only they were granted the allocation.
  4. Wasn't there a Stadium in Austria named after Schwarzenegger at one point? I vaguely recall some faffing about having his named removed some years ago.
  5. We went for a Sunday lunch there on the weekend and it was fantastic. Too often I feel like I get scammed with Sunday lunches but it was certainly not the case there.
  6. I only really play Ultimate Team so I can't say much for how the other game modes have changed but after a few days of playing so far, other than the menus being trickier to navigate, I can't really feel or see much difference in the game at all. Concerning as last years was probably the worst FIFA I've played - I gave up on that one before the turn of the year, even lockdown didn't tempt me back! No doubt they'll play around with the game play over the coming weeks after official release anyway so we'll see what it turns out like by the time the first Weekend League takes place.
  7. Well the headline clearly worked as plenty seem to be talking about it. It just sounds like a rather sarcastic remark without much meaning behind it and the paper ran that part as the headline. I'm sure he did get a few negative tweets, practically every player does.
  8. Case and point when that Villa fan who goes around vlogging did a video at the Mem. The guy wasn't even a neutral either as he had previous for having a bit of a pop at us in his videos, even mentioned Rovers as a better club at one point to wind us up. Took him one trip to the Mem to realise how wrong he really was. Some of them even tried to claim none of the stuff in his video actually happened at one point, laughable.
  9. Yep same here, a lot of City fans in that Bath team too including both goalscorers. Chas first and Frankie who used to be on our books. Bet they had a good night after that!
  10. I do wonder why we didn't match our badge with the strip colour like they have on their away shirt.
  11. I was very surprised to see so much dislike for it, I think it looks tidy.
  12. I've been off the radar a little so I'm sure this gift was picked up at the original article date of 12th December but they had quite a funny reminder yesterday. Since they can no longer pass tickets through the fence, they're saving the pennies through purchasing Junior tickets instead. The club has become increasingly aware of reports of adult supporters entering the stadium on Junior tickets. Numerous reports over the past few games have been made of adult supporters gaining access to the stadium on concession tickets. This act, not only represents a breach of ground regulations but also has a negative effect on the clubs finances and the majority of law-abiding supporters that pay their way. For the match with Peterborough and moving forward, there will be increased checks on supporters tickets to ensure that supporters are using a ticket within the correct age band. Any supporters not in the correct bracket will be removed from the stadium. In addition to this, anyone wishing to purchase a ticket or tickets from the ticket office will be required to provide proof of age for all of those attending. We urge all supporters to think twice before engaging in such fraudulent activity as this really does have a negative impact on the club. We would also like to thank the majority of supporters for their unwavering support and understanding.
  13. One of those rare occasions where even the auto correct can't even save you.
  14. Manchester has it right. Despite it normally being one of the longest journeys, my last 3 gigs have been there through choice. It's in the centre and the train/tram station is part of the arena. Even the time I drove up, I made it to Manchester at around half 7 - about the time the first act was coming on. There was no traffic and I even parked directly opposite the Arena in a fairly sparse car park that charged just £3.50 for a whole days parking. That city has taken a great deal of my money over many a long weekend. I can't see an Arena out in Filton having quite the same pull.
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