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  1. Callum going off so early changed the game he looked dangerous .
  2. Still red hot too hot to eat but alright i thought .
  3. Health and safety won't be allowed on the roof tonight in the dark
  4. Don't get me wrong hes exactly what we need but not our usual candidate.
  5. I wouldnt of got married and stayed single
  6. I really do think he will be here for the whole season too . As money is tight at the moment I think this had alot to do with players being released at the start of season
  7. So that would be 3 managers we will be paying this season then including lee johnson with no fans in the ground could be for the rest of the season . Going to be a hard season for everyone
  8. Fans have turned against him pretty quick not his fault mind he's been lobbed in the deep end by MA . Can't afford to replace him yet dh 12 month contract and we still paying lees wages so I believe .
  9. We may aswell have lee johnson back for another season . Problems are obviously deeper in the club than the head coach . Also if holden has the head coach role whos manager ?
  10. I don't think getting rid of Lee is the right option right now although some decisions he makes are questionable . I think we have issues within the squad and that's why some of these players appear to be un playable . Also sacking a manager when we're this close to play offs would be suicidal for the club
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