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  1. Joey Barton’s made some mistakes in the past but he’s a winner, can’t knock him as a player and sometimes you need that edge. he seems to have done reasonably well managing couldn’t say he’d be any worse than much touted Gerard and Terry who are no shrinking violets themselves
  2. I think his name is Bob mills, go and give him some grief
  3. Step out of the fear bubble
  4. Martin keown was just singing out praises on talksport saying we are a big club and need to be/ should be back in the big time. This was after the other guest calling bristol a backwater for football and couldn't see Gerard entertaining coming here at all. Keown said he give up his media work to manage us and there isn't many clubs he would do that for
  5. Looked ike Wycombe were being managed by Jon bon jovi other night.
  6. No I wish him all the best seems like a nice lad aswell. 5 minutes ago I thought Bournemouth would be going down and still think they will actually. I also dont think they'll come back up any time soon. So where does he go from here ? imo he wont get any game time if he joins a top 6 club and not sure hes going to want to be playing in the championship again with Bournemouth.
  7. If they go down which I'm sure they're going to, then I think he would have been much better off staying with us bar the signing on fee he received. Cant see Bournemouth getting back top fight any time soon. More likely to join the Gas
  8. Best player at the club on his day
  9. Cant see Cardiff being caught as they've three winnable games unfortunately
  10. On that note I'm off to buy some now
  11. The divide between league 1 and the championship is definitely getting bigger. Look at the three who came up Luton, Barnsley and Charlton they're probably going down without Wigan having points deducted. It's becoming like the gap between the prem and the championship. To much money in both leagues.
  12. Yes sorry I got mixed up. I read Ronniie o'Sullivan's book and he mentions his best time being sub 35 and was going to quit snooker to try and get his time lower so that he could run for Essex as he thought he maybe able to knock more minutes off. Runs sub 35 10k's and makes centurys with either hand in snooker.
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