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  1. Not with anything relevant. Are you sure you are not the brick wall?
  2. But it's not about you. It's about others and reducing the spread, that's it. No conspiracy, no need for 'what about this', just a measure to reduce the spread that makes sense to anyone who's looked at how this virus transmits.
  3. And you never go near big crowds in stadiums at all? This is a nonsense argument.
  4. What? I don't think I've ever seen 20,000 people crammed in to Sainsbury's. That doesn't contradict anything.
  5. Did they? It's available on both devices. Given the competency of this governments procurement methods during the pandemic any rejection is more likely to be due to poor coding rather than some conspiracy nonsense.
  6. Why wouldn't you want to reduce the spread of something negative?
  7. If governments wanted to track people, introducing vaccine passports is definitely the way to go. You can then see them for a short amount of time when they attend 1 or 2 events a week. If only there was another far more obvious way of tracking people all of the time, that most people already have in their pockets
  8. Just hope they don’t wreck it for other people. Sure a few of them will be recognisable from the footage, hopefully they’ll be dealt with.
  9. It was a soft penalty but I've seen worse given. As mentioned, England deserved the game and I also think the foul on Kane in the 2nd half was close to a penalty as well. I'm not sure I agree with people saying the free kick for their goal wasn't a foul though. They've set up for runners into the box and Shaw has clearly held back one of their key runners.
  10. Regardless of talk of draws and criticism of his team selection (which I have been at times) - Southgate has gotten England to semi-finals at two tournaments in a row, which is a big achievement in itself.
  11. Because it’s unbelievable after how it usually goes? Even with 30 seconds to go I was expecting something to go wrong.
  12. Germany seem to be able to hold the ball and play slow but then inject some pace. We can do the slow bit fine but the pace doesn’t seem to be happening.
  13. Given the formation it would have made sense to put Bellingham or Henderson instead of one of the two holding midfielders.
  14. To someone not holding the current generation responsible for the actions of previous generations. This is the whole crux of the problem with the silly song. It’s a weird way of trying to mock opposition fans for something that has nothing to do with them or football. To use the war in this fashion is in my eyes pretty disrespectful and to feel the need to sing is, to be polite, odd. Your first post highlighted this (in my opinion) very childish opinion of relating all current Germans to the Nazi party, hence me telling you to grow up.
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