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  1. Redinthehead


    I don’t necessarily think it’s racist but it literally means the same as Black Lives Matter. Therefore using it is a bit stupid.
  2. Redinthehead


    As per the politics forum - there has been no evidence prevented that they were called far-right. They were called ‘right wing’, which they can get offended about by all means. However, no one, despite mentioning it many, many times can actually seem to show anywhere that they were called far right - other than the reference to it on their banner.
  3. Good performance all in all. Was worried after that awful start to the 2nd half but they did well to come back into it.
  4. Van Gaal did it with a goalkeeper and Sven (I think) did it with Carragher against Portugal (when he took it before the whistle).
  5. VAR works when the referee makes a decision and uses VAR to validate it or challenge it. In that game (W Ham - Man U) it felt as if he didn’t want to make any decisions and just rely on VAR to tell him if he was wrong.
  6. Other way round to what? There’s always danger when someone flies into a tackle off of the ground from behind. I don’t doubt that the severity of the injury would have been on the refs mind to an extent but whilst it may seem harsh, the rules make a strong case for that being a sending off.
  7. It’s a part of the rules and has been for quite some time. Referees need to take into consideration the potential danger in the players action, not just the intent.
  8. He’s off his feet, it’s dangerous play. I can see why it’s given as a red.
  9. Totally agree. Would like to see a bit more creativity in midfield as well- possibly a start for Palmer?
  10. Not a particularly good blast from the past to be honest.
  11. Bentley 7, Vyner 5, Kalas 6, Atkinson 7, Baker 5, James 6, King 6, Massengo 8, Pring 7, Weimann 7, Martin 6, Dasilva 6, Wells 6, Semenyo 6.
  12. Not terrible but not great. Fair result just about on the balance of play. Massengo, Pring and Weimann looked a class above the rest of the team but concerned about the defending in general.
  13. This is the big positive. Gone are the days where one player from the first team getting injured can derail our plans (or at least it lessened).
  14. I think Bellingham would come in for Mount and give a bit more of a solid midfield 3 in certain games.
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