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  1. I think it’s a combination as you say from what I’ve read. I’ve never understood this fan parks thing, why invite people to come to the city without tickets and if you do, you need to be able to deal with it. However I also think that any Liverpool fan trying to ‘sneak’ in or use a knowingly forged ticket are selfish idiots and need to take their share of the blame.
  2. What an idiot. Hopefully he gets jail time. If your first thought when your team wins is ‘let’s headbutt someone’ , you’re not safe to be on the streets.
  3. Was class today and if this improvement continues he could be frightening.
  4. That would make sense. Didn’t get the plan at all today. Blocking off Ashton road seemed an odd move but assumed there was some logic in it but clearly it didn’t work.
  5. Yes but it tends to be fairly light in front bit for the reasons above and especially when there is something on at AG. It hasn’t hilariously backfired, it’s just proven that idiots will always try and fight. The reasons for early kick offs are very obvious. Obviously you find it funny that we have to waste all of this police resource on stopping neanderthals trying to hit each other for supporting a different team to them?
  6. t’s not like there’s anything that that would cast light on the front bit of the park like street lights or a stadium.
  7. This annoys me as well - as so many fans don’t seem to understand the rule that the ball only has to be overhanging the quadrant.
  8. In some cases, yes but why are some fans so precious that they feel they have to throw something if someone celebrates in front of them? How is that a normal reaction.
  9. Average verging on poor in general but they’re luckily not good enough to take advantage.
  10. Cardiff fans seemed to arrive insanely early this morning. Been an atmosphere building around the ground since ahoy quarter to 11.
  11. Really good performance second half - looked a bit lost at times in the first half. Always good to beat them.
  12. I think that's possible. I find it weird in these situations over the past year or so that the first step isn't to stop away fans travelling before going behind closed doors. Given the infection rates in London and that our next few games are an away game close to London and two London based teams at home, that surely can't be good for stopping the spread of the variant?
  13. Weirdly I'd imagine they can still travel, unless the Welsh government have also put travel restrictions in place.
  14. Oh for gods sake. Fans gave him some earlier for an incident, he gives some back and then some precious little idiots decide to to throw things. Don’t give it out if you can’t take it.
  15. Never really been in control of the game all afternoon. Even whilst winning. A lot of average performances today.
  16. My pass got checked on the way in.
  17. Highest salary at the BBC 1.3m Total cost of Premier League rights over 3 years - 4.5bn. Would love to see your maths.
  18. Yeah because the BBC could show the premier league live if it wasn’t for the women’s football
  19. Last time there was all of this speculation about a non-white male appointment, the first person appointed was Tony Pulis….
  20. Not a great performance but hopefully a monkey off of our back.
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