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  1. Couple of referees to give us some decent decisions!!!
  2. At the start of the season I said the midfield of JB,JP,MP,COD & KS(substitute KP) wouldn’t score more than 15 goals between them,I’m pleased to say I was wrong, they scored 20 with 16 assists,just wondering if anyone thought this was a good return,don’t know about other clubs but didn’t think was too bad.
  3. Last time I was there Uncle Albert won the game with a sublime free kick right at the end,another 3-2 would be good but don’t know if my fingernails would survive.
  4. I do agree we always seem to be too nice and play more to the rules more than any other teams,perhaps have to be a bit more ruthless,possibly employ Joey Barton as I’m sure he will be looking for another job soon.
  5. Anyone have any idea why we don’t seem to get many penalties,only 2 this season so far and only 4 last season,is it because we don’t get in the box very much(certainly not true) or are we unlucky,or are the refs looking the other way,other teams seem to get very soft ones as happened on Saturday.
  6. Thanks Dave you’re much better at statistics than I am,but just proves my point about us being slow starters,get that right a few more times and the sky’s the limit about where we could be.
  7. Sorry Robbored don’t really know how else I can say what I want to say all credit to him and his team for most times sorting things out at the break, shows they all have a good reading of how the game is being played,but I’m sure many people will agree especially at home this season we have been slow out of the traps and very often chasing the game,I just wondered where we could be if we started games better. ps just because you have made 30,000 posts doesn’t mean you have to patronise other passionate fans.
  8. Don’t get me wrong I’m in NO way criticising anything he does and think he’s doing a great job to sort out things ,but maybe being too greedy in hoping for more when I know we have more talent than some of the clubs around us and need to play for more than 45 mins.
  9. Fair enough,just turn my point on its head.
  10. Can’t quite work out if LJ is a hero for sussing out the state of play at HT and changing formations and tactics for the better in the second half,or a villain for not seeming to ever get it right from the start,when was the last time a game was effectively over after 30 minutes or so.
  11. Now it’s chairmen leaving after playing us,when it’s usually managers.
  12. I sort of agree that Taylor is maybe a bit more of an impact player but I stand by my comments about his intelligence if you watch him closely hardly ever gives the ball away and always looking for the pass inside the full back,only reason he doesn’t get onto the pass Is because the pass doesn’t happen. Different topic I know but Weimann as any Derby or Vanilla fan will tell you isn’t a winger, as proved in first 6 games of season,play players in their strongest positions,don’t play them just because you think they’re better footballers than others.
  13. Does anyone think the same as me and other people in S22 when we think this guy is one of the quickest thinking footballers out there,thought at the time and more so after seeing highlights of yesterday’s game how many other players would have dinked up a high ball across the box and not looked at where the keeper had moved to,giving him a tiny space at the near post to score,always feel confident when he comes on.
  14. Can anyone remember when we got promoted in 2007,did Rotherham get relegated on the same day. My best game was coming back from 2-0 down in first leg to beat Hereford and go on to play at Wembley for the first time,happy daze.
  15. Brilliant day out,always remember giving a group of lads a pound to “look after the car”,best decision I made,but still think I was more excited standing in the enclosure when we beat Hereford 3-0 in the second leg of the SF after being losing the first leg 2-0 three days before,the anticipation of going to see the lads play at Wembley was immense.
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