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  1. Yes it is. Several of my best memories are with them. In the 21st century two different countries means nothing and we speak to some Tilburg lads daily. I can assure you and BarBS3 that a surprising majority of the fan base is enamoured by our two clubs friendship and other fan bases are quite jealous of it. You may feel left out not being a part of the apparent few hundred, however I’ve spoken to both English and Dutch fans who have travelled over without knowing anyone from the core groups just to experience it and they have always loved it. This whole debate is bizarre, no on
  2. You have a very poor understanding of the relationship between us.
  3. He may well be, but his play style simply is not that of Webster's and it never will be. Moore cannot be considered a Webster replacement as Webster's play style was so integral to ours as a team. Moore's play style is more similar to Kalas'
  4. We did not replace Webster with Kalas. We're yet to replace Webster. Taylor Moore has stepped up, but he's not the player Webster was. Webster was the catalyst for almost all of our attacks last season and it'll be impossible to replace that, but Kalas certainly did not replace Webster
  5. This team is screaming out for an Ivan Sproule
  6. From the clickbait rag: On the atmosphere in the dressing room That's from Jay DaSilva. During the promotion season, player's wouldn't hesitate to discuss how open and positive the dressing room was. I was skeptical when the headlines came out that LJ's lost the dressing room, however I find this answer quite telling
  7. The rumor has originated from an academy player, i mean
  8. Local children are growing up wanting to play for Bristol City, not Chelsea or Liverpool anymore. That shows the effectiveness of pillars 1 and 2 imo
  9. Anyone can rewrite their own definitions. Nationalism and racism are two separate things. Anyway major, your original point is moot and irrelevant as Italian football has been this way for decades. Racism within Italian football is not on the rise, it has decreased, a lot.
  10. Racism and nationalism are two completely separate things. Please, do not misconstrue this.
  11. I rather simplified it and assumed each fan would pay a blanket £900k every year, no more, no less. And that sums gifted would only inflate.
  12. So, 306,800 fans donate £900,000 for 22 years. That's £6.075 Trillion (£6,074,640,000,000.00). Since 1999, the average total PL transfer spend is up roughly 720%, so using that as an inflation marker, after 22 years the club will have £43.75 Trillion (£43,737,408,000,000.00 - double the US' current GDP) Real Madrid (the richest club in the world currently with an estimated £4.25 Billion) would have inflated to £30.6 Billion after 22 years, which would be eclipsed 1429.73 times by lil old Bristol City. That would've saved Bury... but wouldn't have won
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