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  1. Just what crossed my mind. We have to hold to give the team some belief in themselves.
  2. What a shame we don't have a team around him to support his remarkable efforts for Bristol City.
  3. The only expectancy I had was with some new players and another pre season we might have improved and not be making the same mistakes and having the same problems. And I don't think that is a lot to expect from Pearson and the team.
  4. If we want to see the football club progress then The trouble was Lansdown wasn't the dream ticket for all his massive financial support he has selected a stream of sub standard Managers and topped it off with Ashton as CEO and his son as a Chairman. If only he had kept out of the football side of things and just did the financial side then it would have been brilliant. But for all the great facilities and ground that will form his legacy look at the state of the team/squad and Manager he has left us with.
  5. Something needs to change. We cannot just have a re run of last season. Otherwise it will surely end in relegation.
  6. I still do not understand why a defensive midfielder was not a priority. It has been needed for so long.
  7. Should we not expect better than last season or just more of the same.
  8. Agree with you but I was surprised that a defensive midfield player wasn't the first player we signed in the window. This need has been there for a few seasons. And seems to cause us continued problems when we take leads and can't hold on to them. I can only imagine it is all down to money. But some crunching tackler from somewhere would be great.
  9. Nothing ever seems to change. It just seems to just carry on and on.
  10. I am astonished to see Vyner playing. With his proven track record of losing players when defending, it seems to me an accident waiting to happen. Let's just hope he repay's NP's faith.
  11. A true legend of Bristol City. I didn't know him but will never forget him on a train trip to Plymouth. Stood in the middle of the train telling jokes and taking the rise out of anyone that moved. Brilliant trip. RIP.
  12. I would be concerned about the goals we will get without Senenyo and would hope somehow we get the defensive midfield player which has been such an issue for us.
  13. Well it might surprise you to learn that I do not know Bristol City's budget for the season. And I never realised you needed to know it to express opinions on the forum.
  14. No offence but I think it is ****obvious. With a limited budget money spent on King reduces the amount we have to spend on other players. And we have just signed a new coach in Jason Euell to presumably do all the things stated in your post.
  15. With his injury record it is a concern if we are counting on him being a player for us for the whole season. And do his wages block another signing. Delighted with the signings to date. But in the last few weeks our precious money has gone on a new coach and an injury prone senior player as a player/coach. I would have said we have bigger priorities on the playing side. Hopefully that is being looked at. But it all seems to have gone quiet on any new players coming in. Particularly the defensive midfielder which we do desperately need.
  16. Does it take that long. And don't other clubs announce signings subject to getting a permit. Any way I hope you are right.
  17. Surely it suggests this is not going to happen or maybe never was.
  18. Well I am not in the know with anybody. But trust the judgement of NP. Clearly not happy to have him around the squad and cannot believe this is for no reason. But certainly do not wish him any ill. But if players don't buy in to what Pearson is trying to do then I would rather see them gone.
  19. Redrascal2


    I know what you are saying but at the moment moving up the Championship table a bit is the limit of my expectations and hopes.
  20. What a shame the under 23's have to put up with him.Young aspiring players don't need a player with his attitude around them. Sooner he is gone completely the better.
  21. Didn't Pearson say previously we haven't got a defensive midfield player. I would like you hope it is a priority to get a player of this sort in.
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