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  1. We need something positive to come out of all this.. all 6 clubs fined 50 million each and that should be distributed to all lower league clubs to help them stay afloat during this pandemic and beyond!
  2. If and a big if it goes ahead and they are banned from the pl etc. Is this not the perfect opportunity to reset football... introduce salary caps and ticket price caps and once again make the pyramid competitive and sustainable... yes it may take time to get anywhere near the level it was ever before. I think I would much preferthe prem to be like the championship where anyone can beat anyone.
  3. I'm hoping it's just a pandemic thing and as soon as we're allowed to watch them ill be like a kid at Christmas again. However it doesn't take away how disconnected the club is from its fan base. My grandad said about 8 years ago that he had lost most of his interest in City and football in general. He said it wasn't the same club and game that he fell in love with. At the time I didn't get it, but now I totally understand where he is coming from.... Look at us over the last 6 years: new stadium (near enough), new badge, new brand with Bristol sport. All they need to do now is change our name and its effectively a new club, and to be honest I wouldn't put them past doing that over the next few year. It's only recently I have understood why clubs like fc United of Manchester were formed.
  4. More for the fact I'm now working nights after losing my job because of covid... Add to that every day feeling exactly the same because of lockdown. Sorry that I'm not always clued up on what the exact date and time are. Thanks for your concern tho!
  5. Well if you look at a lot of the reply on this post you will see that many people feel the same! Do they also not have city running through the veins? To me when that many fans are concerned about the connection between the club and its supporters, it shows there is something fundamentally wrong with the way the club is being ran. If a player is constantly putting in shit performances costing us success they are often removed from the starting line up. Yet when the owners and Ashton etc are constantly making mistake after mistake effectively costing us success we are convinced to blindly accept it as part of the ride of supporting city.
  6. It's not even about the performances all The time. I have great memories of player manager tinnion days. Yes the football was also shit then. However as a fan you felt like part of the club. Now it feels like we're just customers and not supporters. It honestly feels like this year was always going to just be a stop gap. Especially while fans were not allowed in. Just hire the cheap option and push on once the pandemic is over. If that was the idea then fine. However at least be honest with us instead of telling us he's the right man for the job. Watching lansdown and Ashton is like going to the races and constantly backing the 10/1 in the hope of a big profit. Then when the odds on favourite wins every time they don't seem to understand where they are going wrong.
  7. I really don't think it's all about how well we are performing. The club is ran by 2 men that constantly make bad or strange decisions, with no regards to what the fans want. I know its about being sustainable etc but it's so demoralising the way the club is being run.
  8. This is exactly my point, I couldn't care less if we had a game or not. This would normally be the game I look forward to most all year. Buzzing about it for weeks. If you can't see that the club and the fans are on completely different wavelengths, there is something wrong!
  9. After seeing today's result, I felt absolutely nothing... Wasn't sad, angry or even gutted. To be Honest I didn't even remember we were playing until after the result. Normally my heart would sink at a result like this. Yes it probably has something to do with covid, however I really feel the club have a huge job on their hands to get people happy to come back and watch the club willingly. The club and fans have never been further apart and it is really worrying right now.
  10. A friend of mine described supporting our club like trading in your kind and caring wife for a younger hotter one... Everyone is in awe at first, you are loving the banging body and people think you are punching well above your weight.. Until you start to realize that she may be hot, but is a bit of a bitch and only really wants you for your money... You then relaized how much you loved your wife just the way she was in the first place. she may have been a bit old and haggard but she had heart and soul I thought it was spot on really.
  11. I think it needs to be more than this.... This past year has taught everyone what the important things in life are. Unfortunately for many football is no longer a priority especially when the club seems so distanced from the fans. Lansdown will just be hoping that as soon as people can return then we will be selling out week in week out. However money will be tight for many now. Also, because of lockdown and furlough many people will have found other things that they enjoy doing at home in their spare time that doesn't cost upwards of £50 a day, 23 days of the year. Maybe it's this year making people miss things from the past, however I'm with a previous poster. I miss the old stadium, the old badge, the old players... I feel very little attachment to the club at the moment. Yes to become a big club we probably need to do these things, looking back tho I think without knowing it at the time I was always happy where we were as a club.
  12. At first I thought it was shocking. However after reading, it's only the special status that I don't like. I like the playoff idea, scrapping the league Cup and charity shield. Also the funding for the EFL would be great... The special status would need an impartial final decision to stop stupid rules being introduced by those top 9 elite clubs. Other than that I can only see things that will benefit the game here.
  13. Didn't we hold the record for consecutive wins in a row up until 2 years ago... 14 joint with Preston?
  14. Signing David James then him trying to take it round chopra... Lost 0-3 to Cardiff.
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