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  1. Any more spare Codes please. My Annual Robins TV subscription runs until next month, however, like last Pre Season, I "Don't have enough entitlements." ???? Any suggestions on this? Thanks Guys.
  2. Hi guys. You're all missing the point here. I'm not saying a ball wouldn't be round if it were a different shape. (Although it really wouldn't.) I haven't just plucked random variables to weave my desired narrative. It's an opinion based on having watched City since the mid Sixties, and the experience of witnessing relegation battles far too many times. You're all treating Football as some simplistic Mathematical equation. (You probably think I am too, but it will be clear later I'm not.) If that were the case we could just play one match each season, let the statisticians sort out the promotion/relegation places, leaving our Saturdays delightfully free to do the important stuff like vacuum and shop with our partners. Experience tells me that, 1. There is a huge difference between "Flirting" with relegation and being a real contender facing a serious battle. 2. To survive a real battle, the team usually needs the same qualities as their promotion periods. i.e. A Mindset of determination, team spirit, work ethic and an attitude of never giving up until the final whistle. Skill is very useful of course, but not the priority. I was in the Dolman late October against Forest. Although winning on 90 mins, we lost in added time. I don't know where you guys were, but the reaction around me was of resignation, disappointment and/or anger. Definitely not shock or surprise We were as shocked as being served an over priced cold pie at a football ground. Thankfully we had the end of the previous season to adjust to the new norm. Even someone as perfect and wise as myself, is occasionally as guilty as you hoi polloi in initially reflecting on a season as how the last few matches went. We're now right at the end of a whole season and it might be argued as coincidence, but only since relegation became almost impossible have we, 1. Managed back to back home wins. 2. Beating someone by more than 1 goal. 3. Managed a few good/decent performances without having a really crap spell. Please bear in mind that a few weeks ago, both teams would have been above us had it not been for the deductions. (Please remember previous caveats.) So, Do I think without points deductions Derby and Reading would be on the same points as now, plus the points deducted? Incredibly unlikely. Do I think without their points deductions we'd have been in serious relegation battle? Very Yes. Do I think we'd have as many points as we do now if the other teams hadn't had points deducted?Absolutely not. Do I think a team that has spent a year(ish) totally lacking belief and drained of confidence, a team that couldn't stand the pressure of a match lasting more than 82 minutes, and panicked like teenagers, (apart from the actual teenagers of course) could win a real relegation battle? Another absolutely not. Before I get more flak. whilst others on here had suggested they all should go, I've always considered we have good players. However, recently (a very long term recently) they had managed to hide it really well with a new found mental fragility.) So if you really believe that football is Maths, we were fine and I just can't do sums, I'm happy to debate. However, remember with Freedom come Responsibility. Make the effort to read and think about your opinion first before insulting others. Also if anyone would care to discuss the actual subject of the thread and my post, that would be cool too. For those that don't remember or didn't notice, it's about Alex Scott and his immediate future. p.s. I lied about the Freedom/Responsibility bit. There's no law, I just wish there was. p.p.s. The bits that don't make sense are Stella's fault. p.p.ps. She's almost as disgusting as Andi's chip. Anyway, she's disappeared. Better go to the shop and see if I can find her again. @richwwtk I said "an" injury, which in English is singular, not "a huge injury crisis" as you quote me. As we all know, City never get long term injury problems. @Davefevs Help! they're all being nasty to me. Make it stop. You're respected on here and few argue with you. Please read my previous post and agree with me. (Cash available) (OK, you've spotted the Clifton Snowflake that cries when people call him names.) Bye, love you all. (or do I?) Got to go, need more alcohol. (or do I?)
  3. Very true, but at least he acted like he was whilst here, as opposed to just slumming it for a year. Got to love a bit of Andi though. Some drunk messed the quote up, but it was meant to be a response to @Malago
  4. Hi Grifty. I've probably explained it badly, but have a re-read of my post if you have the strength. (I don't.) You start with "I’d have to disagree with this." and your last sentence completely agrees with what I was saying, or at least trying to. To clarify. I have no doubt his priority is his development as a player. Even if it was financial as some suggest, I still see him better off staying. You suggest he could get in the region of an extra £16k a week. If money's the goal, why agree to that for four years when if you wait a year, you could get four years at an extra £26-35k a week. (Figures supplied courtesy of my imagination.)
  5. It would be a different story if he was 25, however, I think he and his advisors are sensible enough to realise he'll probably earn more in the next 2-3 years by staying here for another year. What would they be paying for? Is he a Prem. player? No. Is he an established Championship player? No. He's an inconsistent young player, who has forced himself into a relatively small squad that would have been relegated if it were not for points deductions, and an overperforming front line staying free of serious injury. Oh yeah...and very huge bags of talent and potential that they would be prepared to gamble on. However, if he carries on developing as he seems to have done over the years, by the latter stages of next season he will be hopefully be a name known for consistently ripping it up in the Championship. Lots more clubs interested, lots more money for him and hopefully at least a minimum of another £10m for the club. However, he should be destined to be signing huge contracts in the next 4-8 and hopefully more years. To do that he has to develop as a player. He knows that won't happen with the odd run out in the early stages of Cup Competitions. Please note, I am not belittling his talent, skill or apparent maturity as a player. Yes, I expect young (actually most) players to be inconsistent, especially when played in unfamiliar positions. I just think it best for all parties concerned if we hang onto him a bit longer. Same goes for Antoine. Remember the start of the season when great performances were let down by his decision making and shooting? (Basically if he shot it was the wrong decision.) Then there was that short but amazing Purple Period that provoked the interest, then a drop off followed by an impressive Hull performance. Another season here and he could be the complete article. His best performances even better and his worst 80% of his best I'd happily take. Han's situation is different. I don't see he wanting to stay if he's going to be on bench warming duty. The End.
  6. Not sure about that. His distribution was great when he first arrived, always looking to start a quick counter. I assumed the constant long punts that were new to him, were either instructions from the manager or pressure from team mates.
  7. Yep, as I said. Hasn't scored more than one in a match for weeks.
  8. @DaveFevs. I do hope that's correct. Whilst some would point out that he agreed to his current contract, to penny pinch with him after his performances have saved us from relegation, would not be motivational. He has shown his true value when people actually get the ball to him at the right time, in the right positions. A value I'm sure many clubs would be happy to pay. (Or exceed) Especially as I assume Palmer and Wells are on a great deal more with little contribution this season. I'm also assuming Contracts don't include a "Not getting Relegated" bonus that allows them all to buy their own Caribbean Island. If I'm wrong, no need to worry and everything is fine.
  9. Tammy also took *Penalties. Aka His long range shots. *Check Dictionary for definition if needed.
  10. I wasn't worried, as he seems happy here, and at his age I don't see offers big enough coming the club's way, where they foresee a large profit after replacing him. (With Ashton gone at least) However, recently I realised there will be other clubs willing to hugely increase his wages in his last good earning years. Might not be quite so happy here then on his reduced wages. Now I am a bit worried.
  11. What's all the fuss about? Weimann will never score more than 12 Assists in a season. And he hasn't been arsed to score more than 1 goal in a match for ages.
  12. It's another method for us to concede goals but without making any effort. Oh, a bit like normal really. I'm hoping for a rule change next season so we can take them as well.
  13. Count yourself lucky. Nor do I, but I'm old and slow as well.
  14. You're too quick for me @Curr Avon
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