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  1. Clear and Concise. I like that. If only they'd make it that simple. think of all the time we'd save.
  2. Some may find this interesting. (Now over to @DaveFevs to tell us what it means.) https://eflanalysis.com/analysis/andreas-weimann-bristol-city-efl-championship-2021-22-data-stats-analysis
  3. Well done. Worked after 2 minutes. Can you post that again in the second half please?
  4. Hope the service is better if/when I get on.
  5. Yep. You have to click on the VPN Button (Near top Left of Browser.) It will turn Blue when on. I have sorted other problems in the past by logging out and logging back in again. Worth a try if all else fails.
  6. Rubbish! He points a lot as well. I suppose he might be better when fully match fit, but we need someone that can score goals. But seriously, for those posters saying he's ineffective at home, did you really not notice us get even worse without him? Did you watch the matches, or form your opinion from the knockers on here?
  7. Sorry, this turned into a time lapse post as I found the match unusually distracting. Ok, early days but in 4. 5 matches AW and CM have 5 goals. (Ooh. Almost 6 from C.M. then.) That's a level expected from top strikers. Our main problem has been supply and creating chances, this is starting to change through tactics, selection and attitude, something within our current budget. Yes, AW will blast over, he will also produce some very composed great finishes. It's a numbers game. However, his understanding with Martin, combined with his running and reading of the game, will I suggest, produce many more opportunities than say, playing NW. .....News Flash........WOW! He didn't blast that one over. Looks like he's starting to get match fit after his long lay off perhaps? "Never score more than 12 in a season?" When played centrally he did get 5 in 5 matches, and had 3 out of 4 good goals disallowed. Now with 4 in less than 5 matches, I reckon he has a chance if he stays in the middle. (I'm taking bets if you want.) I would say we need a Fam type option, but realistically, we will not be spending on an established 20 plus goal a season striker for a long time. It amused me 2-3 years back when many on here were suggesting we should spend big on Assombalonga or another previous 20 plus per season guy that was rumoured to be available for the right price. We were half way through the season and both Fam and Andi were outscoring them in minutes played. I also suspect they were both getting better service than our guys. Previous reputation is not a wise 10m plus investment to me.
  8. Not criticising Simpson, but it would be nice to have someone considered very good, that could also be dangerous going forward and accurately feed out front men. I know we haven't got much to spend, but you can get a versatile Prem quality RB/RWB for £200k. Just ask Leeds United.
  9. Many on here forget that one of the reasons A.W. came here was because he could play in his favoured central position instead of being used wide where he was. OK, that didn't work out for him but I love his professionalism in there being no outward signs of sulking or lack of commitment to the team. I'd always liked the idea of Martin and Andi close in the middle. 2 clever players together. A.W. may not be as clinical a poacher as the QPR Wells, but he will spot and make the runs to put himself in scoring positions more often. Martin is a player that's aware of his surroundings and should be a good provider, as long as others are close enough.
  10. I would say it was many of the doubting fans ability to see the difference, and realise his overall contribution once he wasn't there, that improved beyond recognition. i.e. That the running round a bit thing can be quite useful in some sports.
  11. "You may have guessed by now that I'm not a fan!" Correct. I did as you suggested a wide player with a 1 in 6 return, should be replaced with a 1 in 22 return. Yes, his shots were dreadful on Saturday, but so often Semenyo's are. Remember he didn't score with a single shot last season, both were "Charge Downs" of the keeper. However, A.W will keep running and keep getting more chances than most. Please also remember that's his first competitive match in a very long time. I see @Davefevs has already pointed out, it's not just about winning the ball, it's about pressurising the keeper/defence into mistakes, and not letting them play the game they want. He's always moving, finding space or space to run into, providing the outlet to play a safe forward pass. If he doesn't receive it, (as was so often the case) he has created space for the others. I vividly remember him chasing 3 "Lost Causes" from the halfway line, resulting in 3 goals. That was a good months worth last season as I remember. A bit like Brian Tinnion, although no one recorded Assists in those days, even without the penultimate touch, he often had an unnoticed involvement in most of our goals So for me, the same as all his managers, it's AW for his overall contribution to the teams performance. I'm sure to get hammered for this, but I think he's the only player we have that could influence a game without actually touching the ball. You may have guessed by now that I'm a fan.
  12. True, he spent a total of £60k cash on the Wembley squad including the subs. (There were some player exchanges involved.) As I remember it was £18k on Alan Walsh alone, the only player he spent any real money (for our position) on. The rest he mainly stole at Tribunals if they weren't free. I'm with you on the memories. It's been a very long time since we were 2-0 down at half time and I would feel we had been unlucky and still confident of winning the match.
  13. I can confirm Steve Neville took 5.5 minutes teeing up that shot. I was really worried (Screaming "Shoot!") which would win the race, the shot or the final whistle. I first watched City in the mid sixties, with perfect timing, girls, music and motorbikes took over from football, so I missed out on the top flight period. That Semi Final made it impossible for me to miss another home match for well over 20 years, including friendlies, testimonials etc. In all those years there hasn't been a time when I have enjoyed watching or felt more connected to the club than the T.C. era.
  14. I think it speaks volumes about the man that providing us with exciting, attacking and entertaining football, is considered well down the list of his achievements here. How often we have longed for someone who could just do that without also selling tickets, painting things, saving a club and the supporters' pride and investing their own money in the club. Oh, and be a Genius/Thief in the transfer market, especially at tribunals. On the subject of being remembered, I always came to think of him as a manager. He used to play a bit as well. Full Article - https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2010/feb/17/terry-cooper-left-back-england
  15. The Opera Browser includes free VPN for as much as you need. It's based on Chrome and is really rather good and feature rich aside from the VPN benefits. Check it out @ https://www.opera.com Or direct download @ https://www.opera.com/download
  16. East End for me used to be 6.5p (1s3d) for reserve matches and DOUBLED! to 13p for first team. However, since the discovery of the roof, I can now pee in all weathers without getting wet. (Ok. That does depend on who's next to you.) It no longer seems illegal to get a hot drink during a freezing January after half time. The Pitch looks very pretty during October. All worth the inflation busting increases surely. Thank God the football isn't much better, or none of us could afford to go.
  17. Ted Lasso Series 1 and 2 available to all on https://ww1.solarmovie.cr/tv/ted-lasso-season-1-41803/ I've used this site for years without problem, but suggest usual precautions.
  18. In my opinion, yes if you are after a relaxing, easy to watch bit of comedy. I had never seen anything from the States featuring (proper) football, that wasn't dreadful, so didn't have high hopes. However, I found this highly enjoyable and heart warming. (In a masculine non girly way, honest.) Don't expect too much match day realism, but it focuses on the characters involved in football, the players and their girlfriends, the coaches. kit men and board, rather than actual matches. I'm reasonably sure I saw the first series on Amazon if that's of any use to anyone.
  19. How I envy your extra 2 years to better understand that momentousness occasion. I've always wished to be 2 years older or decades younger. For the last 50 years I have shared your suffering in only following City and England. For much of that time when people would ask if I followed football, I'd have to respond. "Not really, I just watch Bristol City and England." I reflected about a quarter of a century ago that winning the World Cup was a once in a lifetime experience if you're English. I no longer feel it's a total impossibility to be wrong on that. (For non smokers unlike myself.) Hope we both make it. (Ok, and you others.)
  20. Although it will seem laughable not only to fans of the bigger teams, but also our own younger supporters, that years ago many of us would have viewed last season's finishing position as aspirational. The same applies to the Freight Rover Final. At the time, that stupid competition was suddenly massive once you were in a Wembley final. (Then it was only FA Cup Final, League Cup Final or Champions Shield to play there otherwise.) A long, huge, wonderful, emotional, exhausting day for myself, my wife, and many others. However, 5 minutes after the final whistle, I felt strangely stunned and exhausted. I overheard a Bolton fan, "Miserable Bastards. You'd have thought they lost." Obviously I wasn't alone in my feelings. I'm old enough to have seen England win the World Cup, but not old enough to understand that it was "Quite a Big Thing Really." (What a really crap age to be. - Cheers Mum. Cheers Dad) I patiently waited another 24 years for us to beat Germany. After 15 minutes of elation, I left the pub to walk home feeling very stunned and subdued. Did it really happen? Was it a cruel hallucination? I mean it wasn't a very English thing to do, beating the Germans and all that. So, after a measly 55 years we're in yet another Final. My Semi Final celebrations lasted a few minutes before getting the stunned/numb bit again. Is it a good omen? Does this mean deep down I really feel we have a good chance this time? No idea, but you're welcome to pay for the psychologist. Anyway, after two drinks trips and devouring all internet build up, I am now having bouts of excitement and anticipation. I feel this could actually happen. Be happy for me please. I so, so, so, so wish you all a happy day. (Some Scots excluded.)
  21. My memory might have failed me but as I remember, although due to play, George went A.W.O.L. for that match.
  22. I think Bobby "I'm not a Striker" Reid might agree with you.
  23. "We are City, We are City, Galley is our King." And to think the young 'uns mock our memory eh?
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