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  1. Didn’t notice him. Think everyone is getting a tad excited again.
  2. Amazing how opinions differ. My view would be that you want to keep the ball on a tighter pitch. Would rather those with technical ability than headless chickens. Suppose It’s all about styles.
  3. Webster has been superb this evening. Got to be close for a call up.
  4. Still on the Pearson bus. Encouraged by the emergence of Scott, Benerous, Pring and very much Semenyo after his last few games.
  5. Our forward play today as offered renewed hope. Defensively it’s not ideal but appears we can never have it all.
  6. Superb finishing from Semenyo. Realising some promise. Doubted whether he had that on his locker. Could be a huge positive.
  7. Whilst goals win you games, the pressure on Newcastles defence is constant and they are drastically weak in this area. Wood will likely bring more than goals with his hold up play, in turn bringing players like Maximum and Almiron into play. There aren’t many things worse than playing centre half with wave after wave of attack being thrown at you. If Wood scores 2-4 and with a couple of other signings in defence, Newcastle have a real chance.
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