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  1. Bet you are fun at parties.
  2. Depends on your mindset. Current owner has built a fantastic stadium and plans for further growth around the ground. Great for the city of Bristol too. Operating in one of the top 5 leagues in the world in my view. Real quality in the division, a lot of ex Prem sides and some fantastic grounds to visit. Majority of fans I believe are behind Pearson. Despite the negative results so far, I think the performances have been ok. It’s a shame we didn’t win sat in front of a full house. Agree on the reinforcements side of it. Loans where possible if we can facilitate it. Best players may leave, that’s football. We may find a hidden gem who’ll take us to the lofty heights of the top 10 (before leaving as that’s football). Could be a lot worse. Could be any others of the local sides in the south west.
  3. Overrated. If he didn’t have a fancy name and from a well known club there would be more justified stick thrown his way.
  4. Bit over the top. Thought it was a reference to Southgate and his waistcoats to be honest. Nothing to see here I’m sure.
  5. Seriously, take a tablet fella. Lighten up.
  6. Cracks me up those calling for Massengo to replace James / Williams as if the result stays the same they’d be stating we should’ve kept old heads on to see the game out. Same with Martin. They’d be suggesting we should’ve kept Martin on as he’s better at holding the ball. Same agenda fitting analysis that we see on MOTD every Saturday. In the main it was an encouraging performance I thought. Enjoyed the first period. Very rare we’ll dominate a full 90 minutes - I can’t say we have done that consistently for sometime so unsure why there are expectations for us to do so. I thought James and Williams worked okay. Williams does have a ball in him so this lack of creativity is garbage. Naismith, Williams, Scott, Sykes all appear to have a bit of vision - we saw that yesterday. Bring back Neil for some considered positivity and Dave Fevs for some proper factual analysis.
  7. It’s strange how you see performances different to others. I thought Dasilva played well and we were caught as much down the right if not more. Vyner was much improved but still showed his usual frailties. Thought Scott was scarcely involved during the time he was on.
  8. Encouraging performance by the lads regardless of the what appears a negative result.
  9. It’s decisions like that, that ruin your weekend. T**ser.
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