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  1. Only played 7 games - which surprised me considering the amount of stick he’s had on here before, with some suggesting he’s the worst player to of pulled on a shirt. The club was in turmoil around the time of his arrival and no doubt it would take time to settle coming down from the north. Honest guy who admits he wasn’t at his best or in the right head space. Certainly gives his time here a bit of perspective. Worth a listen if only for the section on City.
  2. As they should. What a joke it would appear we’ve not had that as a minimum. Onwards and upwards as you say.
  3. Great to see some togetherness on the pitch.
  4. A few suggesting he starts the next fixture. Would rather Williams is eased back in with a few cameos before that. Things take time. There’s no rush especially in that area of the pitch. The lad has been out for a long time, a very long time. I’m sure things will be gradual.
  5. Great point. Where’s that Hampshire reds/red plonker? Moving in the right direction. Solid unit. About time. We are making progress slowly but surely. COYR
  6. As per Semenyo the other week - maybe he needs games.
  7. You could’ve swam in the stuff when Korey Smith hit his United winner.
  8. Don’t know if it’s continued but many moons ago I can remember a team from Jersey or Guernsey would play in the Somerset Cup or something similar. Should you get an away tie against them, they’d put on your travel over to their ground. With team spirit and the social side of amateur football very much at the forefront, we’d often be desperate to get them in the draw. Anyone know the team name? Cannot for the life of me put my finger on it.
  9. Real rags to riches story tonight for former gas forward Brandon Hanlan. From parks pitches to notching at the Etihad. Some journey.
  10. I’ve listened to loads of these. Really enjoyable. Few classics in there too in Andy Johnson, Simon Ferry and Leon Knight. Good blend in the guys who host it too, they come across well. Often find myself chuckling away whilst walking the streets.
  11. Decent listen. Ian definitely has a bit of the Mark Ashton’s about him. Certainly loves his own voice. His under the breath “ffs” comment around 15 minutes in when one of the other fellas was getting his point across was unnecessary. Certainly thinks a lot of himself.
  12. Prefer Pring at LW. As a forward that’s who is want putting in balls in. Hits them with pace and often early. Mobile forwards dream.
  13. Yeah - that’s what I’m alluding too. Madness on SL’s part.
  14. By the sounds of it Cotterill was asleep when Lansdown renegotiated a potential deal for Harry McGuire. For the cost of Dwight Gayle - we instead had an Engvall, Hegeler, Taylor Moore, Adam Nagy and a Djuric. Fair point about using money wisely.
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