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  1. To think that Sarri the previous manager couldn’t work out how to get him in the side is crazy. First name on the team sheet. He’s effectively two players.
  2. Really enjoyed this - thanks lads. The “Cider with” are excellent. Great to get an insight as to what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. Not really. Think some will moan at anyway.
  4. Giving him a transfer window is the worst thing they can do.
  5. In the games I’ve seen I think Reid has look competent at that level. Top scorer for them aswell as 32 appearances can’t be knocked. Fair play to him. I certainly didn’t think he’d play in the prem when he was with us.
  6. God help us if that means he’s in midfield next season.
  7. We’ve been played Fam - what’s the difference?
  8. I’d stopped reading after the 2nd.
  9. I don’t see any of those you mention as leaders, bar Williams (not seen enough of him).
  10. That sound when it hits the net, the commentators words after it goes in, the celebration... still get goosebumps now. What a night that was. Wow. Give me one of those again!
  11. Fast and aggressive. Kasey Palmer? Are we watching the same bloke or have I “whooshed”?
  12. I genuinely hope O’Dowda is not in the first 11. Same with Martin. We want progression dont we?
  13. Certainly disappointed with how it’s gone, yes.
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