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  1. It means we’ve wasted a substitution, bringing off Tanner for an ageing Simpson who’s somewhat past his best. Not that hard to understand?
  2. Agreed. But I don’t expect vanity substitutions. Tanner for Simpson. What a waste.
  3. Don’t think anyone is disagreeing with Palmers level of inconsistency. I’m sure I read he was available around 25 times during his loan here, was sub 16 times. We then signed him for 4m. Hopefully we manage to ride this season out, somehow rid ourselves of Palmer amongst others. Going to be a bumpy one.
  4. You’d probably walk in to it at the moment.
  5. Paterson had been sh*te for us for a while, with his most consistent spell during a 3/4 month period out of near 5 years of being here. Appeared to of lost interest or too comfortable as many players seem to get at our club. Was the right call to let him go. As was Korey Smith. Smiths availibility was questionable - so again understand the clubs view. Very easy to beat the club with a stick at the minute. Think many are quite enjoying it.
  6. Would’ve kept him on. Appreciate the stretching of the game / better pressing (allegedly) shouts but the guys can finish. Has a history of it. Should’ve left him on. Unless he had a niggle of course.
  7. Absolutely. If you are taking Wells off and in a game where the ball is not sticking, put someone like Britton on. Can do no worse.
  8. Perhaps because he’s unable to owing to others having worse application and ability ?
  9. Agreed. It’s not going our way. I thought the lads worked hard. You could see them busting a gut at the death to get back behind the ball. Wrong decision to put COD up top. don’t understand that. Wells is a well known threat (despite his recent form). Home form is crap. Nige has questions to answer but this season was always going to be a huge scrap. Our squad is poor. His hands are tied. Need to stay in the division.
  10. Unless Wells is struggling, I don’t see the value in O’Dowda coming on up front ?!
  11. Scott has looked a couple of times at the bench to come off it would seem.
  12. I reckon tonight’s the night. Forest are in form, hugely fancied no doubt. We are fresh from a wimpy performance at the weekend. With Pearson’s words ringing in there ears, this is it lads. Get your money on us.
  13. As a kid I wrote “Superbob” multiple times on my bedroom curtains as a kid, in honour of my favourite player. I don’t remember having tea that night.
  14. Whilst I appreciate you still have to get there and they are “achievements”, we pretty much had home advantage during the Euros. Until Italy, the highest ranked side we faced were Denmark. At the WC we had a glorious route to the final before coming up against proper competition in Croatia.
  15. Yet took Grealish off who arguably appeared the most likely to create us something.
  16. I’m not knocking the decision to start Foden deeper. I’m talking about his substitutions. Southgate’s inability to make the right changes and at the right time, has hindered us previously and will continue to do so.
  17. Southgates had a shocker tonight.
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