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  1. Pitman a good signing for them. Mental we cast him off about 5+ years ago.
  2. Weird. You support people who refuse to comply just for the sake of it, even if it doesn’t marry with what you support?
  3. Genuinely hope it does - the fewers would be fuming.
  4. Intrigues you in the fact he hasn’t scored a goal or assisted one since he’s been here?
  5. Would be good to understand the full story here. If it’s people effectively trying to get in for free and those who have paid (some considerably) kicking lumps out of them - fair play. Too many want something for nothing in this country.
  6. Like many of the younger generation, there are some fabulously well mannered and respectful young people out there. Unfortunately the media will lead you to believe different. Well done Marcus.
  7. Still have huge concerns about next season with the players we currently have. Appreciate the return of Weimann, Martin and a few, for me, uninspiring youth appearances last season - I still feel those on our books do not have the creative / scoring prowess to supplement the forwards. Having lost Diedhou this is more key than ever. Do not feel confident starting the season with O’Dowda, Palmer and or Semenyo as our supplementary goal threats. If Wells isn’t scoring, which he has struggled to do with poor service so far, it’ll be another scrap for safety.
  8. Morrell topping the highlights reel for the wrong reasons.
  9. Can’t believe many still carry a torch on this.
  10. Best co commentator other than the fact he continued to single out Gilmour early doors for being off the pace and tired when he owned the midfield for nigh on 60 minutes before his substitution.
  11. To think that Sarri the previous manager couldn’t work out how to get him in the side is crazy. First name on the team sheet. He’s effectively two players.
  12. Really enjoyed this - thanks lads. The “Cider with” are excellent. Great to get an insight as to what goes on behind the scenes.
  13. Not really. Think some will moan at anyway.
  14. Giving him a transfer window is the worst thing they can do.
  15. In the games I’ve seen I think Reid has look competent at that level. Top scorer for them aswell as 32 appearances can’t be knocked. Fair play to him. I certainly didn’t think he’d play in the prem when he was with us.
  16. God help us if that means he’s in midfield next season.
  17. We’ve been played Fam - what’s the difference?
  18. I’d stopped reading after the 2nd.
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