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  1. Pretty sure I’ve listened to a podcast where Jody Morris wasn’t as glowing about McInnes by the end of his time here.
  2. How would deciding not to renew a contract for a player who has flattered to deceive for circa 5 years be a mistake?
  3. Pearson signed Simpson. Mistakes can be made.
  4. Out of interest, do we utilise Graham Bird with him being based in Bristol?
  5. Yeah, same for me. Very bleak listen. Don’t get me wrong it’s been far from great this season but we’ve got through it and finished pretty much where we thought we would. There have been some real positives, especially with the young talent being given an opportunity. Real disappointing end this one.
  6. Confirms what we all know. Scott is not a wing / full back.
  7. Not necessarily. Things change. I don’t imagine Man City will be back in for Kane this year.
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