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  1. Yeah I’d say so. The personnel are pretty versatile too with 4-3-3 and 4-5-1.
  2. First half is pretty much our starting 11 first game I reckon.
  3. To be fair Marquis isn’t a bad signing for them.
  4. Key component under Cotterill. Him and Wilbraham were astute signings.
  5. I reckon he’ll drop off into obscurity similar to Jordan Wynter. I watched him in his first couple of games and thought he had something only for him to vanish.
  6. £14 for a glass of pimms for the mrs. Robbing tnucs!
  7. Writing off or sharing an opinion? Blimey fella, you are relentless against those who have a different view to you.
  8. Interesting conversation yesterday on talksport where Leanne Sanderson seemed to suggest that only the premier league would be a step up for Emma Hayes should she come over to the mens game. Thought it was laughable to be honest. Any of the four divisions would be a step up I’m sure.
  9. Nothing in the bee. He’s buzzing obviously. I reckon he’ll be at Watford next season.
  10. That’s a pen. Surely?
  11. Classic scouse tactics? That’s very harsh. I’ve a couple of friends who attended yesterday. Arrived at the ground at 18.30, plenty of time you would have thought alongside many a fan and found a large amount of the turnstiles were closed. There have since been multiple videos of football supporters (like us) being tear gassed when simply showing their tickets to the authorities. Other videos showing locals trying to squeeze in front at the turnstiles. Eventually one of my pals got in 25 minutes after the KO. Many of the fans have been fleeced for tickets, just to follow their club, and then miss out on the early action. UEFA blamed the fans. Absolute joke. Responses like yours are an insult. Football is broken.
  12. Looked like he was holding his hammy in the video
  13. Pretty sure I’ve listened to a podcast where Jody Morris wasn’t as glowing about McInnes by the end of his time here.
  14. Outside of Bristol I don’t think we are recognised.
  15. Yes. Bigger. Certainly a better proposition over the last 20/30 years.
  16. How would deciding not to renew a contract for a player who has flattered to deceive for circa 5 years be a mistake?
  17. Pearson signed Simpson. Mistakes can be made.
  18. Out of interest, do we utilise Graham Bird with him being based in Bristol?
  19. Yeah, same for me. Very bleak listen. Don’t get me wrong it’s been far from great this season but we’ve got through it and finished pretty much where we thought we would. There have been some real positives, especially with the young talent being given an opportunity. Real disappointing end this one.
  20. Confirms what we all know. Scott is not a wing / full back.
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